Voodoo Man


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by csteidler 6 / 10 / 10

Gas station owner by day, voodoo caller by night

A car pulls into a lonely country gas station. Owner George Zucco oozes out to greet the driver, a young woman. "Stranger in this part of the country, aren't you?" he inquires. She should not ask him for directions! Yes, attractive young female motorists are disappearing, and it's not long before we learn that they are being misdirected onto a detour that will take them to a spooky mansion where Bela Lugosi is practicing—with Zucco's assistance—some very strange magic. Lugosi has most of the best lines in this goofy but entertaining quickie. For example, his introduction to his wife, who died 22 years ago: "She's dead…only in the sense that you understand that word." (Actually, she's dead in a way I do not understand, since she seems to walk okay but just doesn't have much to say.) John Carradine is hilarious as a sort of nutty henchman; he is in charge of the hypnotized captives and moves from spot to spot in a sort of hippity-hop trot instead of just walking. Henry Hall is also funny as the local sheriff: "Sheriff's job in this county used to be a cinch," he says. "Now it's a pain in the neck"—meaning, all of these missing motorist reports are really eating up his time. Wanda McKay and Tod Andrews are the attractive if rather bland young couple who are drawn into the mystery. Zucco spends most of his screen time in a sorcerer's robe decorated with stars and crescents; Lugosi has one that matches. They look…um…silly. But they appear to be having fun—and although this picture is no great shakes and contains no great frights, it is indeed fun.

Reviewed by MarcoAntonio1 10 / 10 / 10

Fun Forties Horror

I'm glad that I purchased "Voodoo Man". It is a pleasant way to pass an hour for fans of 1940's horror films. It is weird and strange, but has a certain beauty to it as well. I believe that it's the best of the horror films that Bela Lugosi made for Monogram during that time. Lugosi is a devoted husband to a wife that has been dead (although, still beautiful and looking as if she were in a trance) for 22 years. He has two of his helpers kidnap young women motorists off of a deserted road so that the young women's life forces can be transferred (via Voodoo) into his dead wife in order to bring her back to life. One pretty young motorist is missed by her cousin and soon the sheriff and his deputy pay a visit to Lugosi's home. Lugosi has a whole basement full of lovely young ladies who are entranced and standing behind glass doors in large cabinets. Will the missing cousin be rescued and the other young ladies be set free? Watch "Voodoo Man" to find out. The DVD that I bought through Sinister Cinema.com has the vintage trailer for "Voodoo Man" as a bonus feature.

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 10 / 10 / 10

Another great 1940s Lugosi "horror"

If you can overlook some really lame comic relief, this is another great time for Lugosi fans, and a great double bill can be made with this and Lugosi's 'Scared To Death'. Lugosi is the menacing Dr. Marlowe, who tried to resurrect his long-dead wife, using voodoo, a fake roadblock to lure young girls off the main road, and a pair of stooges waiting to kidnap them and bring them to his most humble laboratory. Said residence has a number of previous, unsuccessful attempts encased in glass throughout the corridors. All goes according to plans, until a curious reporter gets involved with a girl who goes missing. Lugosi is every bit a good here as in Dracula, and the movie looks good despite its low budget. As I said earlier, the only detriment to the film is a bit of really lame comic relief, seemingly intended for some other movie. An obscure Lugosi quickie, which deserves a cult following.

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