War Story



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Ben Kingsley as David Kepesh
Catherine Keener as Nora Wells
Hafsia Herzi as Hafsia
Vincenzo Amato as Filippo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thefan-2 1 / 10 / 10


Imagine, if you will, Catherine Keener bending over a sink for whatever reason. Imagine a mournful solo cello noodling away on the soundtrack. Now imagine Catherine Keener snapping photos of Sicily (which, it turns out, is a sh*thole) or of various fashionably grungy Middle Eastern types. Minimalist synthesizer noise on the soundtrack. Now she's back at the sink. Now taking snapshots. Ear-splitting vocal on the track. Now the sink. Regarding the spoiler alert: there is no plot. That's the spoiler. Regarding the music: we all love music, right? I love music, too. But the music on the soundtrack made me want to run twin power drills into my ears.

Reviewed by babakhanna 7 / 10 / 10

It's like taking an exam for another subject than the one you are prepared for. Don't know what's happening.

For one to enjoy any cinematic experience one should have some back ground as to what the characters are going through and the reason for this post traumatic behavior. Watching the main character spend 15 minutes of screen time just rearranging a hotel room and experiencing some kind of self discovery of injuries without any idea of a background to the story is rather boring. To the very end when the credits were rolling, one is wondering as to what the Plot was and what's the end. Total waste of time. The Screen play, the Direction, the Cinematography are all rather amateurish in the garb of artistic cinema. Surely a great story told in a most haphazard way. What it could have been and what it ended in.

Reviewed by caribouster 7 / 10 / 10

Bleak but compelling, believable and well acted.

I think this film deserves more than the stars it has accrued. I believe this score is just due to lack of reviews (by anyone with a brain...ha ha) . It's VERY Bleak but compelling, believable and well acted. This film is looks beautiful and the musical score is gorgeous. Catherine Keener is brilliantly cast in the role of this wasted woman who still has the tenacity to try. Light Saturday night movie with popcorn this is not. From the title you might think there will be conflict and violence but you'll be disappointed if that's what you are looking for. This film is dramatic and poignant and very thought provoking. The themes of post traumatic stress, depression and friendship were very well portrayed for me.

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