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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iz-one 2 / 10 / 10

What happened to tony Jaa?????

Saw this flick in Malaysian theater and i just have to tell you guys that this is one of the worst tony jaa flick... I just cant feel the awesomeness power of tony jaa in this movie... Ongbak 1,2,3 , the first protector is 3-4 times better compared to this movie... I am assuming that the producers and director are experimenting with their CG and 3D format technology. Too much CG really spoil the action scenes. I love the originality of his previous films... reminds me of the early Jackie Chan flick...no CG pure stunts.... There is one scene involving a couple of motorcycles on a roof top and i think this is way to ridiculous to accept...the stunt guys seems to have difficulty to control their motorcycle and again it is just so painful to watch. Don't get me started with RZA final scene with the elephant.... why oh why do they have to experiment with special effect on this movie. I was hopping it would be a good film just like what keanu reeves did in man of tai chi.....plain fun good action... Im hoping tony jaa still can kick Ass in the upcoming fast and furious 7. try to avoid this film if you are hoping for a good fight scenes..there is none.

Reviewed by ericthered01 4 / 10 / 10

What were they thinking?

What has happened to Tony Jaa? I guess Ong Bak and The Protector were lightning in a bottle type moments because his movies are getting worse. This movie is the opposite of what made him popular in the first place. It was him with no wires or CGI, doing amazing stunts and hard-hitting martial arts. This movie not only uses wires, but horrible looking CGI and scenes obviously shot in front of a green screen. Not only does the CGI look bad in this movie but Jaa's fighting abilities seem to have taken a hit too. He looks slower and even a little sloppy at times. JeeJa Yanin is completely wasted in this movie too. Why even put her in the movie just to get beat up most of the time? And the RZA? He took an already bad movie and plunged it to the bottom of the barrel. He's a terrible actor and shouldn't be anywhere near a fight scene. I keep waiting for the magic of Jaa's first two movies to reappear but sadly I don't think that day will ever come.

Reviewed by rukmalranaweera 4 / 10 / 10

Worst Movie of Tony Jaa

I remember the movie called "Ong-bak ". I was so impressed the real action of Tony Jaa. I became a fan of him. But this movie is totally worse. If i saw his this movie for the first time I will never have a feeling like that. the CG effects are very low quality. actually Tony Jaa doesn't need any CG effects. We love his genuine action. The producers and director ruined Tony Jaa's abilities by adding over CG effects! The script is very very vary poor. Specially the roof scenes with motor bikes! never acceptable!! If you love Tony Jaa I advice not to watch this movie, You will definitely brake your image of Tony Jaa !!!

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