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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 5 / 10 / 10

Watch somebody else killing.

Purely by coincidence, I found an old & dusty videotape in the horror closet of an acquaintance of mine and the cover displayed the bizarre title (in Dutch) "Revenge of the Cat". I had to perform a search on the actors' names in order to find out that it actually was "Watch me when I Kill" (a.k.a. "The Cat's Victims", a.k.a "The Cat with the Jade Eyes") and initially that was a pleasant surprise, since this Italian late 70's giallo has been on my purchase list for quite some time now! After seeing it, I'm even more glad that I didn't spend money on a fancy DVD-version, as it is quite a disappointing and overly confusing horror effort. Surely not the worst film of its kind, but pretty bleak compared to the works of Sergio Martino or, of course, Dario Argento. The main problem with Antonio Bido's film is that it makes absolutely no attempts to involve the viewer in the search for the maniacal killer. Someone, who stays off screen all the time and deforms his voice whenever he leaves messages to his next victims, is seemly randomly killing people and it nearly takes half of the movie before we get informed that all the victims sat in the same jury committee during a lawsuit against a criminal who recently escaped from prison. That still doesn't reveal the killer's identity, but at least you can guess along from this point. Due to the lack of background during the beginning, "Watch me when I Kill" often feels a bit slow and dull. There's not much atmosphere and ever fewer tension, and the private detective character isn't the least bit amiable. The murders, on the other hand, are lusciously gore, with a close-up slit throat, a woman suffocated in a dish of food and the must brutal strangulation I ever saw. The cinematography sadly is too dark, although that might have been due to poor videotape quality, but the score is terrific (probably the best thing about the entire film) and the climax is fairly surprising.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10 / 10

just a few too many red herrings

Not the most shocking, nor the most bloody, nor the most stylish of giallo, but it's likable enough and is just that little bit different. Much helped by a very decent performance from Corrado Pani as the cigar chomping guy who seeks to unravel one of the most complicated of tales. Far too many characters and just a few too many red herrings and yet it does keep going and if Paola Tedesco as the female lead does not match the performance of Pani, this may be the fault of the dubbers. Not awash with killings, what there are, are very good. The first one is a bit pedestrian but the fantastic bath scene killing and the one backstage with all the costume are worth the admission price and if the ending is a bit abrupt, it is conclusive and brought a smile to my face. Effective score.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10 / 10

Solid underrated giallo effort

After the murder of a pharmacist, a series of follow-up murders to those around her forces a woman to turn to her boyfriend to help get her out of the situation, and when he realizes that there's a far-reaching motivation for the crime spree races to stop it in order to protect her. This one here was a generally enjoyable genre entry. Among the film's brighter aspects is the actual mystery at play that's pretty intricate and allows for great time uncovering its purpose. From the seemingly random attack on the pharmacist followed-up by the failed attack on the witness, there's a worthwhile lead in that makes it curious about the need to decipher the recorded message left on the phone filled with dogs barking and the threatening message. Likewise, the unraveling mystery about the criminal case all the main players are involved in makes this one interesting as the film generates the kind of grand connection that's fully revealing in a shocking finale. As well, the film also manages to ge a lot to like with the stalking scenes featured throughout here. The initial attack in the store is a fine shock, as is the aborted stalking attempt in the girls' house where the killer gets scared off before doing anything are rather fun scenes that give this some enjoyable thrills. The other attacks, ranging from the stellar sequence of the girl being attacked in the wardrobe department, the bathroom ambush in the hotel or the final confrontation in the house give this some rousing action along the way as well. These here give the film a lot to like overall. This one does have a few minor flaws. The main problem is the fact that this one really feels underwhelming with a lot of the stock genre tropes that are in play. The investigation manages to forsake a lot of rational thought from the leads as the fact that bodies have been piling up with no interaction from the authorities. The attacks that happen here should warrant police protection or more of a presence here, yet it's all dismissed due to a one-line writer-off thinking the police would rather throw the party in jail rather than protect them for what they know about the crimes, a fact brought up after several bodies have turned up and one attack on their lives which is completely ridiculous to believe it would play as such. That also ties in marginally with the other flaw in that there's a pretty sluggish pace here. The central investigation here tends to rely much more on sudden realizations about clues and sheer coincidences about the various events which are told in excruciatingly long conversations. The meeting with the pharmacists' widow or the tile salesman are filled with fine informational leads that just lead to some overlong scenes, much like the final half which consists mainly of him running around the small-town by himself collecting the final pieces to the puzzle alone while she's alone at the house with no protection. This should've been carried out together instead of setting her up for the killer to attack, another feature from the earlier segment and are what holds this one back. Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.

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