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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JustCuriosity 9 / 10 / 10

An Informative Film that begins to unravel the Mystery of Anonymous

Not surprisingly, "We are Legion" was extremely well received at Austin's SXSW Film Festival. This film sheds a great deal of light on the murky and confusing world of the hacker group Anonymous. The filmmakers were able to achieve incredible access to the group and tell the historical story mostly through interviews with participants. The film is essentially chronological so it tells their story so that people who haven't followed its development can gain some understanding of a very complicated and somewhat confusing organization. The film is done in a self-critical fashion that while generally favorable is not afraid to show the group's negatives, its conflicts and its internal struggles. It is extremely well-made and highly informative. The groups' almost accidental evolution from merry pranksters into some sort of political activists is fascinating. While they are clearly inspired by commitment to free speech – especially online – it is hard to clearly define their evolving ideology. They are clearly interconnected to emerging phenomenon such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, but it is difficult to determine how significant their political impact has been in these events. In any case, "We are Legion" provides an opportunity to those of us outside these organizations to gain some insight into what they are doing and that is extremely valuable. I hope that this film is widely viewed since it provides a view of one of the new political frontiers of the internet.

Reviewed by Jonas1969 8 / 10 / 10

It's not black and white

To me the world is very unlike that of reviewer Thomas Chase who views this as a movie promoting crime. I didn't see a movie that promotes anything, but, it is about activism in different online forms. The activists themselves are doing most of the talking and it shows how loosely tied the group called anonymous is. It shouldn't really matter if you are with this groups actions or not because it's about understanding their motivations and how groups like it can and will impact our shared future; sometimes with government crushing impact and sometimes for a cruel laugh at someones expense. I came away feeling both uplifted and slightly scared, but whatever you feel it will make you think and to me that is always a good thing.

Reviewed by itsjaba 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent introduction into anarchism, defending freedom and where activism meets vandalism

Immediately on seeing this documentary i could see that while it presents only a few views, there was an excellent story telling element. Internet is beyond the ability of people to classify but people do know that there is a territorial war for knowledge, ownership and opportunity. The slow, drawn out pranking, hacking, cracking and inability of authority to overwhelm the vast numbers of the ad-hoc "Anonymous" ideal and group that came to act in representation is chronicled. The range of interviews covers not just self declared geniuses and opportunist writers who claim to publish books attempting understand or explain the world. There are also all kinds of average, or even below average skill and intelligence who found a home and created as much of the culture as the so called elite hacker. So there is a transcendence and assumption that we know the internet and forum culture enough that ethics and the vast range of different motivations can be opened up to the audience. Its way more general and relevant to all internet forum users and connected to global events, revolutionaries than it is to simple acts of system cracking and website hacking. So many people will find it educational but most likely will react more to the not so magnetic nerd culture by identifying with or against it. There are many interviews here which apparently succeed in chronicling the much longer story of legal suppression of activism through hacking. Milestones of change such as the public criticism and public mobilization against the Church of Scientology and it's extreme litigation and counter-offensive efforts to harm anyone who publicly embarrasses or criticizes it. The main story is that this documentary seeks to recruit people by opening their eyes to the power of even small acts of defiance in the face of abuse of power. Abuse such as in the case of governments closing down lines of communication and concerned freedom groups re-enabling information flow such as in the Egypt massacres of demonstrators who eventually embarrassed their dictator into quitting government. This type of documentary is rare - so spread the word

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