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Camille Sullivan as Cassandra Sullivan
Erica Cerra as Cynthia
Luke Perry as Tommy Santorelli
Susan Hogan as Nell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by avocadess 2 / 10 / 10

The actors were good but the script was appalling

SPOILERS!!!! The film begins with a man (played by Luke Perry) coming home from being out of town. At first it seems there may be an ambush or burglars. But no, it's just a homeless family (just the kids and mom). The mother never so much as apologizes for breaking and entering, and lays a guilt trip on the man for kicking them out of the house. Oh man, if you know a true bleeding heart that has zero sense of boundaries s/he just might LOVE this film. I disliked it from this beginning. The man ends up feeling guilty enough to invite them back in. I will not bother to retell the whole story except to say it ends pretty much as bad as it began, where near the end the man (who is an author) finally breaks through his writer's block by telling the beginning of the homeless woman's story. In this way he is able to get the advance he needs so that he doesn't lose his home (which coincidentally used to be the home of the woman with children, which is why she feels no guilt in squatting at his place with not so much as a please or thank you). The publisher loves it. The woman finds out and is angry. "That was MY story!!!" Poor sucker man once again gives in to guilt and gives the publishing rights (and I guess the advance too) to the woman since it's HER story. Look. I'm not heartless. I believe it is a very good thing to help others, especially mothers and their small children. But this mother was soooooo UNGRATEFUL plus laying guilt trips. P.S. A sort of subplot in the story is a hot and sexy and young professional woman who is the man's girlfriend. I'd guess she is about 30-40 years younger than him and their temperaments are very weird together. There is one part where the young gf is calling the man day after day after day, (she is also his agent), and he IGNORES her calls, while also allowing the woman (closer to his age who is widowed) to live in his house. Does she even get upset about it? Apparently NOT. Nothing about this film is believable. But I can't blame the actors, only the script. And WHO is giving this movie such high ratings????!!! This is something I would really like to know.

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