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Reviewed by Hitchcoc 5 / 10 / 10

More Werewolf Stuff

This is quite a graphically violent and explicit film. It's much more graphic than I expected. It's not really a werewolf movie. There are violent attacks where throats are ripped out, but it doesn't really have the supernatural element we might expect. This is a case study of a woman who has been so badly abused that she loses her sense of self and strikes out against all men. Even when things begin to go well, it's as if she has been singled out for some kind of demonic punishment. Unfortunately, many others suffer her wrath, some deserving, others not. The scenes are pretty explicit and ugly. This is one of those movies that kind of grabs you but it's more like going to an auto wreck than something desirable. It's not badly made and moves pretty well. Be forewarned, however, that it isn't for all tastes.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 3 / 10 / 10

Charming piece of Italian sleaze.

Daniella Neseri raped as a girl,channels her hatred towards men by summoning and becoming possessed by a deceased and vicious female werewolf ancestor.She lures victims by her charm,sexual drive and seduction before turning into the Wolf-woman to graphically take a bloody revenge and kill them."The Werewolf Woman" by Rino Di Silvestro of "Deported Women of the SS" fame is a very sleazy Italian horror film loaded with gore and graphic nudity.The first dreamy sequence in which Annik Borel is writhing and dancing naked before transforming into werewolf left me stunned.The film is occasionally quite dull,however it surely contains lots of nudity,soft core sex and bloody mayhem.I particularly liked the supernatural aspects of the story.The acting is bad and the dubbing is even worse,but overlook that and we have an enjoyable piece of Italian sleaze with no artistic pretensions.I wanted nudity and gore and that's what I've got.7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Chase_Witherspoon 3 / 10 / 10

A wolf in no clothing

Soft porn Italian she-wolf horror with loads of throat-ripping, c-word yelling debauchery to offend almost everyone. A young woman (Borel) believes she's the reincarnation of a two hundred year family link to lycanthropy, and duly turns into a savage she-wolf during the full moon. Complicating matters, she's also sex-averse due to a harrowing experience when she was younger, seducing her victims before gorging on their blood in retribution for their misguided advances. Frequent disrobing by almost all of the female cast and a plethora of gory murders will appeal to some audiences, the line between mainstream feature film and sado-porn is sometimes teased, but never fully crossed. Dagmar Lassander has a largely extraneous and minor role, most of which is a sex scene, while Frederick Stafford does an amiable job as the inspector with an ever-burgeoning mountain of corpses, courtesy of our fair maiden Borel. For her part, Borel is intense and obviously committed to her performance, but the film's erratic narrative fails to focus and consequently, her role is shallow and uninvolving. Director Silvestro seems uncertain whether he's making a werewolf movie, attempting a mental health statement, a rape and revenge flick, or just a softcore trip with apparently divergent themes awkwardly woven into the tale that seems at times never-ending (I saw an uncut 100 minute version which despite all the climaxing throughout the movie, fails to deliver one at the film's sunset). Little suspense, just buckets of gore, nudity, self flagellation, various sexual acts and grade A profanity to pass the time. Bring it on.

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