What Dreams May Come


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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April 10, 2019



Annabella Sciorra as Meredith Estess
Max von Sydow as Henry Farber
Robin Williams as Pappass
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnaarfee 10 / 10 / 10

The movie that keeps me on right track.

I have watched many movies of different tastes, be it crime, drama, sci-fic, comedy, war etc the spark i wanted was not there until i watch "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME". It would give you a meaning of life and your purpose in it. It has moved me more than i was moved by "SEVEN POUNDS". The way i look at at movies as of how much it is thought provoking. I am quiet amused that why this movie is not in top 250 list. It has superb acting as well as magnificent plot, yet it has low ratings. Are people not seeing what this movie can do to them. A human being with his heart beating in his chest would only be moved by this masterpiece. If anyone does not give himself a chance to watch this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it. Honestly speaking it will reconnect you to yourself and to your family. I would say by watching it would be a rebirth of your birth. Now, stop reading my review and watch it from any source possible.

Reviewed by KathrynJHatam 9 / 10 / 10

So under-rated!

Poignant, beautiful, appropriately dark at times, with just a dash of funny - this movie will always rank amongt my all-time favorites. If you haven't seen it, do! I could say, "Come on, it's Robin Williams!", but there's so much more to this film. It handles metaphysical questions and some of the tragic elements of being human, and then wraps it up in a way that still has the viewer leaving satisfied, hopeful, and even happy without seeming overplayed or kitschy. Rent it. If you regret it, I will be incredibly surprised.

Reviewed by rothleland 9 / 10 / 10

Weinstein rapes the lead & Deep State murdered Robin...

Probably the best movie out there now still to deal with the lies mass media spam everyone day after day in their seemingly eternal assault on truth, honor, higher love & self sacrifice. Since reincarnation is a rather simple basic fact of life, it was quite refreshing to revisit this decade old movie depictions of the lower astral regions where suiciders hang out and then those brilliant brightly colored higher causal planes & higher planes/heavens that St. Paul referenced in the 2nd Corinthian...'...caught up to the 3rd heaven" (since earth was hell back then during St. Paul's times) in this astonishing movie. Do see this romantic, but bogus 'soul mates' movie with your very favorite current lover if u want to really score something more permanent with him or her. Otherwise know 'soul mates' doesn't exist whatsoever in any reality, but great affinity/love certainly does eternally

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