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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by delta-03300 2 / 10 / 10

Ugh! Really??!

There goes 2 hours of my life I wish I had back. Every shot was an EXTREME close-up. DP must have been Writing was awful, plot was beyond cliché. Amateur hour, stay away. Producer is trying to fund a sequel...oh lord. Actors were OK, however many appeared much older than college students. Shallow story line with absolutely zero character development. We have no idea who these characters are and as a result, could care less about them. (Poor writing) Filmmakers are story tellers first and foremost, project like these, and I've seen many like this lately, seem to be an exercise in boosting the Producer / Directors own sense of self worth, a 'vanity project' The only redeeming quality of this film is that it didn't drone on much longer than it had to. I would have cut several scenes, but I'm all about brevity.

Reviewed by candlepsychic 10 / 10 / 10

Love this movie!!!

I can't wait for "What Happened Last Night" to go into the theaters. I took a train from NYC to Long Island so I could see it at the beginning of July at the Bellmore Movies. Unfortunately, the theater had issues with projection, and the movie stopped at the halfway point. The director Candice Cain was there and she handled it really well, doing giveaways and stuff. (I won a CD from the David Forman Project! I need to watch the movie again and listen for his song,) there were a bunch of stars from the movie there, and it was so cool to meet them. Austin Davis was my favorite person to meet. He plays "Freshie" in the movie and does a really good job. He is so funny! I recognized him from me favorite show "Ballers," too. He is really tall and has an awesome smile. Freshie was the funniest character in the movie. I definitely want to see "What Happened Last Night" again. It is being released on November 4, and I don't wanna wait that long!!! I just hope it is at the movies somewhere in NY... But I will take the train if I have to!!

Reviewed by bizvet 10 / 10 / 10

Milennials NEED this Movie!

I'm fortunate to have seen "What Happened Last Night" four times already. The first time was a test screening, and it wasn't the final version that will be released on November 4, 2016. The other three times were the final version. THE PLOT: Danny (Clayton Snyder) and Sarah (Alix Kermes) are recently out of relations with people that cheated on them. Their respective friends Joe (Cody Calafiore) and Mindy (Diana Durango) are determined for them to have a great time and forget about their exes at the last Gamma Bash of their senior year. (NOTE: Danny and Sarah do not know each other.) What ensues is a night of hilarity with fraternity brothers, beer pong, cheesy pick up lines and keg stands. Danny and Sarah both get completely drunk and wake up together the next morning, having no clue as to what happened the night before. Don't worry--They do figure it out in the end, and everything is tied up in a nice little bow for the audience. THE ACTORS: Cody Calafiore as Joe Crosby is the best actor, hands down. His comedic timing is impeccable, and his one liners are fantastic. Calafiore makes the script his own, and is very believable as college senior and big man on campus Joe Crosby. Shelley Regner as Liz is absolutely the best actress, no question. She is silly and funny and reminiscent of the friend that always got you in trouble in college. I just wish we could have heard her sing in a karaoke scene, the way she belts in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise. The best newcomer is Austin Davis as Freshie. Although I don't know why I guy from Iowa has a Southern accent, Freshie really grows on the audience from the time you meet him in the frat house until the time he... well, you'll see... The ensemble itself is really great, with awesome performances by Amber Rose, David Otunga, T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, Clayton Snyder, Diana Durango, Alix Kermes and Jake Thomas. The Jake Thomas scene in the bar with Durango and Otunga is one of the best moments of the film. BEHIND THE CAMERA This is Candice Cain's first feature film as a writer and a director, and she did a really great job. The script is awesome and leaves the audience wanting more not because there wasn't enough, but because it was so good that we don't want it to end. Jon Merccer, the Director of Photography, already won an award for this film for "Best Cinematography" at the Innovative Film Festival. He really deserved it. The color, angles and effects are really great and add so much to the film. THE MUSIC The soundtrack of "What Happened Last Night" featured music from Latchkey, Steven Rodriguez, DeVita and many others. All of the music Is from independent artists, which is so refreshing. The soundtrack is truly fantastic, and can be the soundtrack for the lives of so many college students. IN CONCLUSION You need to see this film. NEED. If you're in college or high school, you'll totally relate to it. If you went to college, you'll totally relate to it-- Regardless of when you graduated. If you didn't go to college, then you'll STILL relate to it because you've been to parties! It's a fun, fun movie. It's about time something like this comes out for my generation.

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