What Have You Done to Solange?


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bezenby 7 / 10 / 10

Nice n Sleazy

Massimo Dallamno takes the most sleaziest of premises and smothers it in luscious cinematography (by Joe D'Amato) and a silky Ennio Morricone soundtrack, to produce something uniquely Italian. It starts of fairly giallo like, with Italian teacher Enrico floating down the Thames on a boat with schoolgirl Elizabeth (Cristina Galbo, who hasn't aged a day since playing a schoolgirl in The House That Screamed three years earlier). Enrico wants to get into her pants, but Elizabeth tries what Enrico thinks is yet another delay tactic - that of claiming she saw a girl being chased in the bushes, and the flash of a knife. Enrico only has one bush in mind and stomps off in a huff. Unluckily for Enrico, a girl is found dead with a huge blade rammed into her most private of parts, and she's one of his pupils from the school he works in as a teacher! Enrico now has to try and cover up the affair he's having with Elizabeth, not only from his cold, distant wife, but also from all the staff at the school he works at. He probably shouldn't have dropped that pen when he flounced off either, because now he's got a cop on his tail too. In an effort to clear his name, Enrico has to hunt down the killer too, and sort out his love life! Maybe Elizabeth can remember something about that day on the river, or if she can't maybe she should shut up and stop using the flashbacks as an excuse to tell Enrico she's not in the mood. Enrico embarks on a journey where everyone around him is a suspect, from the priests as the girls school, to the janitor, and what has the mysterious girl Solange got to do with it all? This is the beginning of a giallo trilogy by Massimo Dallamano that continues with What Have You Done With Our Daughters and Rings of Terror (written by Dallamano, but filmed after his death). All involve schoolgirls who are a lot less innocent that they appear to be, and all include rampant schoolgirl nudity that is kind of frowned upon these days (don't worry though, we are not in Borderline Jimmy Saville Territory (or BJST) here, as it's mentioned a few times that girls are about eighteen, and very evident that the actresses involved left school long before they appeared in this film!). There's a bizarre scene where the girls all have a communal shower and cigarettes at the same time, which aren't two activities you'd usually associate with each other. This is a highly rated giallo due to the complex plot and amazing visuals, plus Fabio Testi always makes a good leading man. I've got to admit the plot was quite absorbing as well, as the focus shifts around various peripheral characters throughout, and Camille Keaton as the strange Solange definitely makes her mark. There was one bit that was rather iffy though - if a witness has a vital piece of evidence, would you have her blurt it out in front of every suspect in the film? Apart from that, this might be a good starting point for anyone interested in this kind of film.

Reviewed by HEFILM 1 / 10 / 10

But do you care?

This film has many strengths, it's well photographed and has a very good score by Morricone. The plot twists get a little to twisty--though that's part of the fun of giallo's and the final answer as to what happened to Solange is memorably nasty. It's also well produced, the dubbing is pretty good and much of it looks or at least feels like it's really taking place in England--though the cast doesn't look very British. So what's wrong with this picture? Well the lead character is a lecherous teacher and the movie itself seems to wallow a bit in scenes of naked school girls in the shower. Though you can get a exploitation thrill from this you don't really identify with any of the characters. The detective gets more screen time but isn't interesting and doesn't have any emotional involvement in solving the crimes. So you'd expect our lech lead "wrong man" character to learn or get more involved in solving all this--and he sort of does but mostly doesn't. Some of this can be actor Testi's though he's less stiff here than in other films. The film also doesn't build as well as it should and as it starts to explain what's going on it slows down and gets convoluted--in other words it has a slow middle. There is one silly scene with an over the top witness to a crime and lot's of Catholic hatred and confusion to liven things up. Film has some style, helped by the music, but the style neither overcomes nor expresses all the elements of the film. It's an interesting film that isn't all that compelling.

Reviewed by qmtv 1 / 10 / 10

Disappointing! Completely Overrated! 1 star to balance this overrating.

Disappointing! Completely Overrated! 1 star to balance this overrating. Best part of the movie was the cinematography. It was good. Not great, but we get to see some early London. The music was OK. Nothing memorable. Now the story. I know most giallo do not make sense and plot holes are all over the place. But this one must take the cake. We don't get to see or hear about the famous Solange until 25 minutes to the end of the movie. And we have to try to figure out what the hell is going on. The acting was OK, but boring. Fabio Testi is no actor, maybe a model of clothing lines. Joachim Fuchsberger was much better as the inspector, still not great, but who the hell wants to hear a bunch of talking in a murder mystery? Cristina Galbó was better, but again the script is garbage. She was much much better in the Killer will Kill Again, a superior movie, not great, but a hell of lot more fun than this garbage. We have Fabio, Italian with a stupid accent, having an affair with an underage girl, then lying to the police. They should have locked this guy up, not as the criminal, but just for being a dirtbag and being a crappy actor. He manhandles a photographer for answers for dramatic effect. There the filmmakers should be locked up for being dirtbags. He treats his wife like crap. So, real lovely guy. We get Cristina Galbó another liar Fabio is having an affair with. Her bathtub drowning scene was OK, not great. We get lots of scenes with nude girls showering and a peeping Tom, Red Herring. We get the fat bearded guy losing it at a priest lineup and the inspector manhandling him. Attempted humor? Failure! Here's a pretty sad point in the film. The inspector tells the wife that Cristina Galbó was still a virgin at the time of her death, so Fabio didn't enter, the wife smiles. Forget about the fact that girls are being killed, there's a manic running loose. The wife is smiling, because Fabio didn't enter. So, our next delight of film shows Fabio and the wife rekindling their marriage. How freaking sweet. I guess Fabio figured he might as well get some from the wife until he can pick another live underage girl to take to his hideaway apartment. Our great reveal is in the last 5 minutes, when we find out that some of the murdered girls took this famous Solange to a woman for a kitchen table abortion that didn't go so well and mentally scarred Solange, so the father took it upon himself for revenge. OK! How about some clues early on, maybe a scene or some talking about Solange or some tidbits about that big reveal at the end, so we humans can put something together. No, we just get this abstract nonsense. I have skimmed through the IMDb user reviews, most of them give 10 star, some 8, a few 7, and very few give 4 or 3. A very few no stars, and indicate 1. As a stand alone movie, it has decent cinematography and there's some entertainment to be found. And the rating would probably be a passing D, or 3 stars. But given all the freaking garbage 10 stars, I will have to balance things out with a 1. I will also mention that I am no fan of Argento. I am the president of the I hate Suspiria fan club. Suspiria is a pile of amateur garbage. I hate Plumage, and Four Flies. I am also not a fan of Bava. Planet of Vampires is trash, Bay of Blood is trash, Much better giallos are Spasmo, Death Walks at Midnight, The Case of the Bloody Iris, Blade of the Ripper, Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key, All the Colors of the Dark, The Case of the Scorpion's Tail, The Fifth Cord, The Weapon, the Hour, & the Motive, Killer Will Kill Again. These are not great films, but they are entertaining. And much superior to this Solange nonsense. Here are some films I will recommend: Don't Torture A Duckling, Manhattan Baby, Messiah of Evil, White Zombie, Footprints on the Moon, Scream Bloody Murder. Update: I've finished reviewing the Critic reviews. Only 2 did not like this film: Bill's Movie Emporium, and DVD Talk. Another Critic breaks down all the scenes of this boring and convoluted mess: Terror Trap. They're assessment is that Solange is a great movie, a clean poignant giallo, with drama and mystery with well-drawn characters and thoughtful plotting, Wonderful thriller, beautifully realized. Fine performance from Fabio and Karin. And praise for Camille for her portrayal of Solange, and that we will never forget the sad look in her eyes when she sees her dead father. Nonsense. 1) boring and convoluted movie. 2) not clean and clear. 3) Drama – Cheating dirtbag husband rekindles his romance with his wife, after the death of his lover, because she was a virgin, Crap! 4) Mystery - no clue what the hell is going on. It is a mystery how many people love this crap. 5) Well Drawn Characters? NOT, we have no idea who these people are, nothing beyond where they work, at most we have a couple with a cheating husband. These are not likable characters at all. 6) Wonderful thriller – NOT. 7) Beautifully realized – NOT. 8) Fine performances by Fabio and Karin – NOT. These people are not actors. They are clothing models at best. 9) Praise for the actress playing Solange – first we see her toward the end of the movie, she has a freaking blank look on her face, what is that, ohh she lost her mind, great. Seriously, you think this is good acting?

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