What Killed Michael Brown?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hokansons 10 / 10 / 10

Should be required viewing for all Americans

Shelby Steele has pulled back the curtain on the charlatans who define race relations in childishly simplistic terms for their own benefit. He reveals a far more nuanced reality where presumably well-intentioned policies dating from President Johnson's Great Society have decimated the African American family unit and neighborhoods, while public schools in poor neighborhoods have deteriorated to the point where many young African Americans in these areas are not connected to America and its possibilities in a meaningful way. The antebellum slave owners would be astonished at how efficient "help" can be in subjugating a targeted group. Systemic racism indeed. At some point, and despite the phony narrative being peddled by the grievance industry, Americans of all skin colors will realize what Mr. Steele is saying is true. That's the day that all black lives will begin to matter and the country will begin to heal.

Reviewed by pelagic-39633 10 / 10 / 10

Thanks for this....

....rare truth. The quality of truth is not strained, but goodness knows it gives us a scare now and then. The measured voice in this extraordinary documentary projects hope against the despairing bonfire that is today's progressive grievance industry. Thanks to the Steele family for producing this film.

Reviewed by mlfisher-82211 10 / 10 / 10

Eye opening and raw

In an age where the bold truths are sacrificed for the popular narratives, this documentary poses insightful, compassionate and critical questions...which must be honestly considered before effective solutions will ever successfully prosper. Thank you, Mr. Steele...well done, Sir!!!

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