When a Stranger Calls


Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Carol Kane as Faith
Charles Durning as Santa Claus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10 / 10

Starts out great, drags in the middle, and ends well.

When A Stranger Calls opens in fine form, with babysitter Jill Johnson (Carol Kane) having a really bad time of it, a menacing nuisance caller repeatedly ringing to ask whether she has checked on the children. In a panic, Jill contacts the police, who put a trace on the calls-only to discover that they're coming from inside the house! When the cops arrive, they find Jill hysterical, the caller-a psycho named Curt (Tony Beckley)-having killed the children in their beds. The ending of the film is also pretty good, the killer returning after 7 years to menace poor Jill once more, this time threatening her own children. What a shame, then, that the middle section of this slasher is such a bore, with cop turned private detective John Clifford trying to track down the recently escaped Curt and make him pay for his horrific crimes. It's dull, drawn out police procedure, Clifford making his enquiries, eventually staking out the home of middle-aged bar floozy Tracy (Colleen Dewhurst), who is being stalked by the dangerous maniac. This part really drags and goes nowhere, Curt always managing to make his escape. Worth watching for the tense bookend scenes, but it's a shame that the film wasn't consistently good the whole way through.

Reviewed by axapvov 7 / 10 / 10

In defense of the "middle part"

It´s been said, the opening and climax are great. I personally would add that Carol Kane is awesome. The middle part just hasn´t dated well. It can feel at times like trying to stretch a shorter concept but it adds to the psycho´s sociopathy and the cop´s motivation. That does bolster the climax, not as quotable as the opening but kind of scarier. It wouldn´t work as well without that "middle part" even if it should ideally be a bit shorter. After knowing what we learned about the characters, the suspense and the film itself have grown all the way up. I genuinely got the chills at the very end and that is worth more than all the jump scares in the book. It´s flawed, but a solid classic nonetheless. You´ll probably sleep with the lights on and isn´t that what horror films are about?

Reviewed by MissSimonetta 7 / 10 / 10

A great short film with a bunch of meandering scenes attached

Were this a short film that consisted only of the first twenty minutes, I would not hesitate to give it at the very least a 9/10, if not a 10/10. However, after the initial scene, the film loses its way, meandering with little focus and nothing resembling a protagonist. Who is the main character? Surely not Carol Kane's babysitter, as she is in the film for all of thirty minutes. Neither the detective pursuing the killer, the hostile but still sympathetic woman forced into helping trap the killer, not even the killer himself are good leads either. There are some suspenseful moments throughout and there is one very clever scare in the last five minutes, but if you're curious about this movie, do yourself a favor: stop the film before the first half hour.

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