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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dinner82 2 / 10 / 10

Surprise Ending?

Ok, so this documentary is not something I'd recommend, but it is informative about the case if you'd had little to no knowledge of it previously. The murders themselves were horrifying and if watching this helps someone recognize and catch the b*stard, then at least there will be something positive about this documentary. Having said that, it's diabolically bad. The majority of it isn't too far from average, but it is slow, repetitive, and at times awkwardly edited. Then there's the last 10 minutes or so of the thing. The director randomly throws in an honest-to-God serious interview with a psychic who goes into painstaking detail about where Robert is, what he's doing, and (get this) when he'll be caught. Which, according to her, is January 2013. The documentary came out in 2011. Unfortunately for both the director and the psychic herself, it's 2019 and Mr. Fisher hasn't been apprehended yet. Oops. Making it worse, as the closing montage shows, there's a song written about Mr. Fisher that plays in the background by a rather cheesy sounding 90's style alternative rock band. After cringing harder than I have in a long time, I picked my jaw off the floor and headed straight here. I gave it 2 stars instead of 3 because I chuckled at the ending in spite of myself... which made me feel a bit guilty. Not the reaction you'd expect to have after watching a murder doc.

Reviewed by LaurenLaz 5 / 10 / 10

Interesting Case, Terribly Slow Documentary

This case is definitely interesting, but I found myself turning to my phone and the internet to get more info because the documentary was incredibly, painfully slow. It was odd the way it was put together, flip flopping theories literally from one shot to the next and did I mention how slow it was? This whole show was peppered with horrible, 80's creepy synthesizer music which was overlayed on top of so many home movies that do not move the story forward at all and long pauses throughout. I know the case has dried up a little and that's why they may have dragged out the show. But, this is not an uninteresting case and it should have been done so much better.

Reviewed by faxanadonts 5 / 10 / 10

Worth sitting through just to get to laughable Psychic

This documentary was fairly interesting, but also kind of boring and draaaaaged along in parts. It gave good straightforward info but then all of a sudden, just before it ends they crowbar in a ridiculous interview with a psychic, and it's presented as if this is supposedly potential valid information alongside all the facts presented beforehand which was done by actual rational fact based investigation. This psychic interview thereby undermines all the previous information presented in the documentary. It's so funny that it's ruined in the very last scene. Almost comedic in its timing. Thanks a lot psychic lady! Yet another attention seeking deluded psychic ruining anything they touch with their crazy making words. Lol. Oh well, it takes all kinds I guess, but one would hope all these kinds are not presented in such a way in a serious documentary. Wonk, wonnnnk fail. :-)

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