White Chicks


Comedy / Crime

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April 4, 2019


Evangeline Lilly as Model in commercial
Jaime King as Elise Donner
Terry Crews as Tank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ratatouillefan 8 / 10 / 10

It is one of my guilty pleasure movies

So I am not a fan of "homeboy" movies but every time I see this movie come on I have to watch it. I laugh myself silly every time. I cannot help it but the Wayans Brothers totally kill it with this one. It is so not about a plausible plot but about being extremely entertaining. With a great cast of characters. I definitely do not watch movies for hidden meanings, a significant message, or the artistry. I watch movies purely for entertainment and enjoyment and this one definitely fits the bill!For those critics who just want a meaningful just pass For those of you wanting pure laughs and entertainment!!! WATCH IT But why listen to me. make up your own mind.

Reviewed by don_key 10 / 10 / 10

A terrible and at the same time hilarious film

I have seen the Unrated version on DVD together with my family. I was very much suspicious about this movie from the moment when I saw the DVD cover and really wanted to push stop button after the first 5 minutes of the film, especially after seeing absolutely silly makeup :=) Lucky for me, others wanted to continue watching. What followed was 1 1/2 hours of great comedy, some scenes are so hilarious that even after seeing them many times I still laugh again when seeing them. In some way this movie is identical to Soul Plane by being an underdog which is blamed to be racist and full with low level jokes. Perhaps it is, but I still find it very funny. 10/10 (Partly because of the IMHO unjustified low total rating this movie has)

Reviewed by aj_ajc_aj 10 / 10 / 10

Outrageously funny! best wayans movie ever!

this film had me laughing from the preview to the credits. it is a prefect movie to watch when you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and lost your dog. You will be smiling in no time. The plot is totally unrealistic but that just adds to the funny of the film. Anyone who says this movie was not funny must have no sense of humor at all because everything out this movie was funny. I thought my stomach was about to explode i was laughing. The fact that they looked nothing like the actual girls makes it even more hilarious. Actually when i seen this movie my grandfather had just died and i couldn't help but laugh when i saw this film. Funny! i cant find any other way to describe it. Good job Wayans

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