White Lie



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August 4, 2020



Dan Beirne as Sam Blumenthal
Kacey Rohl as Katie Arneson
Martin Donovan as Robert Longfellow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by therealdaklone 8 / 10 / 10

Smart, subtle and unique.

It would have been easy to produce a film with this premise and provide a cut-out 'mean girl' as the central character. Thankfully the writers and producers here are much smarter and have given us something quite unique. Kacey Rohl's performance as Katie Arneson is brilliant. Morally her behaviour is appalling, but is played with such subtlety that I found myself strangely sympathetic. She is obviously mentally ill, whether by whim of fate or something darker in her past. Her increasingly desperate attempts to keep the lie alive do not feel evil or driven by avarice, but by the need to hold on to the acceptance and love she finds with her 'diagnosis'. The film lacks the usual Hollywood trappings and as such feels like an almost documentary-like record of a period in Katie's life. Be prepared to be thrown into the story (and out of it again) with almost no exposition or explanation and certainly no satisfying 'gotcha!' ending. Overall a teriffic piece of work by all involved, which I highly recommend.

Reviewed by jamactechnical 7 / 10 / 10

I liked it but....

...the story could have been presented better IMO. Kacey Rohl did well in her performance and she really did carry the film to a watchable event. It was a bit slow as expected on a character study but I felt there was too much time spend on her trying to get her fake medical records. I really liked Martin Donovan performance with her and it would have been better if more time was spend showing their relationship rather than her covering her tracks so much. I think it would have given the viewers a better understanding of what was making her tick. The ending was not satisfying, very abrupt and I thought, that's it? A decent 6 stars but 8 for the actress.

Reviewed by emceeanz 7 / 10 / 10

Something the metoo crowd needs to see

In age where everyone wants to signal to the world how empathic they are, by believing EVERY female victim, instead of investigating, combined with narcissistic people who will lie and create false accusations to get ahead, we have the perfect storm brewing, so many innocent men and perhaps even a few innocent women, are now in jail because of fake accusations being believed instead of being investigated.Unfortunately We've gone from one extreme to the other, from not believing any female victims, to believing them all, it's just so irrational and in my view only hurts the cases of actual victims even more. Hopefully many from these moronic metoo movements will see this movie and have an aha moment about believing every single victim, I mean I doubt it, but still I have hope it might sway a few undecided people back to the rational world the rest of us inhabit, although as this movie shows, when that river of denial gets to be quite deep, this imagined victim will only look for ways to keep that river flowing, instead of draining it and facing the truth. It's a good insightful Movie, but very painful to watch as the main character is so unlikable. Kudos to the filmmakers for being brave enough to show a not very popular side to the story.

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