White Night


Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Desertman84 9 / 10 / 10

White Night Tells Every Story In Cohesion And Flawlessly

Son Ye-jin has proved herself to be one of the best actresses not only in South Korea but also in Asia as well.He is in that category together with her fellow Korean,Gianna Jun,who is now making films in Hollywood. Into The White Night is another testament of Son Ye-jin acting talent.After being in dramatic features like A Moment To Remember,April Snow and The Classic;action film like Open City; and comedy features like Art Of Seduction and My Wife Got Married,she now embarks her acting skills in a different genre with a mystery thriller,Into The White Night.The film stars Son Ye-jin together with Han Suk Kyu and Go Soo. It is co-written and directed by Park Shin Woo based on the Japanese novel of Keigo Higashino with the same title. The story involves a pawnbroker's son, Kim Yo Han.He killed his father, which later lead to Lee Jia killing her mother when she found out that Yo Han had killed his father. Kim Si Hoo, a pawnbroker is found murdered in a remote town in a derelict building and Jia later changes her name to Yoo Mi Ho when she moves in with her aunt, where she grew a flower garden. Almost fifteen years pass and detective Jo Min Woo discovers that it is related to a homicide case that occurred fourteen years earlier, where a woman had been suspected of murdering her married lover, a pawnbroker. Talking to the pawnbroker's widow and her son, Yo Han, gives no clue. Then Min Woo requests assistance from lead inspector Han Dong Soo, who was investigating this case fourteen years ago. Detecive Dong Soo remembers every fact as this unsolved case ruined his career and killed his son. Lead inspector Dong Soo decides to re-investigate along with Jo Min Woo and Lee Si Yeong who come under suspicion but all of them have perfect alibis and the investigation comes to a standstill when two of them go missing. Yo Han matures into a murderer and eliminates those who get in Min Woo's way. He exists as Mi Ho's shadow, requiring nothing in return. Secretly they are still as close as ever while they are living out separate lives. Mi Ho knows of Yo Han's crimes but looks away from them and encourages them. It was later revealed that Kim Yo Han killed his father after he found him molesting Jia. In the end, Kim Yo Han killed himself to protect Jia. The movie is a good mystery thriller.It was interesting from beginning to end. It made the telling of two stories that happened in the past and in the present completely flawless.Aside from that,all the thematic elements of the film feature whether a murder mystery,sex and passion,romance and crime are told in cohesion without any deter from the story whatsoever.In other words,this film narrates everything with clarity.Also,the performances were what made the film better.Son Ye-jin excelled in her role as Yu Mi-ho.It only proves her acting prowess in another kind of genre and certifies her being one of the best actresses in the Asian continent.This is a highly-recommended film not only for lovers of Korean films,mystery thrillers and Son Ye-Jin but also for lovers of great film.

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10 / 10

Be patient this involving thriller is worth it

This is a rewarding movie with interesting characters and a good emotionally involving well written story. Don't be confused by the 2 time zones present and the murder 14 years ago. Read a bit of the synopsis to keep that clear. The story isn't hard to understand. As more is revealed the central characters are sympathetic. I was really rooting for them. Son Ye Jin and Go Soo are well matched pair even though they don't have many scenes together, they make a convincing couple. She looks beautiful here and acts well to get sympathy for such a complex character. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by andy_n_johansen 4 / 10 / 10

Another filmmaker needed here.

This big budget suspense movie started out with a good story but eventually it becomes more and more uneven. It is nicely shot, but the script is messy and almost every scene is headed towards a climax and it just kills the mood and the interest in the story. I personally felt like that the film crew focused on shooting all the scenes but did not succeed in editing the story together well enough. Many scenes also feel like they did not need to be in the film and i did not really feel sympathy for any of the main characters. With another director like Jong Boon-Ho or Park Chan-Wook i think this movie could have been very well made, instead of this more or less forgettable mess of what is basically a very interesting crime suspense story.

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