White Noise 2: The Light


Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
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Cory Monteith as James Ascher
Katee Sackhoff as Kara Thrace
Nathan Fillion as Father David
Quinn Lord as Student
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xdspau 1 / 10 / 10

Really People?!

The rating of this movie baffles my mind. This movie contradicts itself several times. They also over complicate what might have been a good plot. I really tried to like this movie and even watched it until the end just to see what will happen, but the ending made me feel like what was the whole point of the movie?

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10 / 10

A sequel that's far better than expected

It would be fair to say that I wasn't expecting much from this Canadian straight-to-video follow-up to the 2005 Michael Keaton film. PG-13 horror fare isn't really my cup of tea, and I reasoned that the first film covered the subject in sufficient depth to negate the need for a sequel. I was wrong, and how so! Despite a few missteps, WHITE NOISE 2 is actually a wonderful little film that manages to better the one that came before. This time around, TV actor Nathan Fillion is the guy who undergoes a near-death experience and comes out with the ability to see, not just ghosts, but electrical surges on TV sets as well – the so-called 'EVP' or 'white noise' phenomenon. This doesn't actually have a great deal to do with the actual plot, which is all about the protagonist's abilities to see eerie auras on those about to die. Of course, he sets about becoming a hero to save those apparently doomed, until a big twist throws the plot on its head. The film this is most like is UNBREAKABLE. It's cheesier than the Bruce Willis film, with lots of unnecessary grey ghosts and unwanted CGI effects, including the nadir where we see Fillion floating up a CGI tunnel towards, presumably, heaven. A fumbled, unsatisfying ending doesn't really work either. But until then we have a surprisingly taut and suspenseful thriller with lots of unusual and unexpected stuff going on. The direction is strong, with director Patrick Lussier providing atmosphere along with compelling story, and the cast isn't too shabby either. After five minutes, I was expecting Fillion to be a bland, everyman type and indeed he is, but with this type of role he provides a strong focus for the rest of the supernatural antics. Katee Sackhoff is the strong-willed heroine, and good old Craig Fairbrass is the villain of the piece, replete with some quite ghastly prosthetics. There are many decent set-pieces on offer here, from the bridge fight to the car park showdown and the bit in the hotel, and even with a few plot holes and loose ends here and there, I was never not enjoying it. One of those little films that's far better than you could ever expect it to be.

Reviewed by ashleybrownmedia 3 / 10 / 10

Shootout in a greasy spoon leads to premonitions...

Ever since the TV show Castle I've been a fan of Nathan Fillion and I remember buying, and enjoying, the original White Noise on DVD years ago - so, this seemed a natural choice as something to watch. Fillion is happily married and living with his wife and young son. One day they're sitting in a greasy spoon and chowing down...when a weird guy enters and proceeds to shoot woman and child dead. Instead of shooting Fillion the assailant shoots himself dead. Weird, huh? Naturally our protagonist is devastated by this and tries to take his own life. He fails, and after being technically dead for a few moments, wakes up in hospital. Things get a little weird and soon Fillion finds that he is able to tell whether or not someone is set to die soon and begins to intervene with fate...with very bad consequences. To be honest this had very little to do with White Noise, EVP is mentioned very briefly but if anything it's more like 'Final Destination'. May as well have marketed itself as a standalone film. It held my interest for the most part and there were a few 'jumpy' scenes - but what really put me off was how unrealistic everything was. I know film is an escape from reality, but every death-scene or premonition was quite simply unbelievable. When Fillion realises that someone is going to die, it's not something as simple as him lecturing them to stop smoking. It's something like...a bunch of muggers are going to throw someone off of a bridge or a grand piano is going to fall off of a balcony and crush eight people. The premise here is good, and in the right hands it could have been a decent little shocker. But way too much is thrown into 'Final Destination' style scenes. There's some vague subplot that was relating somehow to The Bible, but I couldn't pick it up properly - and I have a good concentration span, I once read (most of) 'War and Peace'. In short, this is watchable but don't go out of your way. There are much better horrors out there, I was done by the final third and was just waiting for it to end so I could at least say I'd seen it through.

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