White Snake


Animation / Fantasy / Romance

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Matthew Moy as Lars Barriga
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaiyuleethu 8 / 10 / 10

Old memory of Chinese 90s'

This film tell story of Chinese old tale, white snake. This story is revised from Chinese opera and old story. This film can be regarded as a independent story ahead of the story of traditional White Snake. Of course, I agree the plots are old without any novelty. However, the pictures are so beautiful and the music is so charming. Some ideas are from the film of Hong Kong director Hark Tusi's (Ke Xu) , Green Snake. Also, some music are from Yazhi Zhao's drama, White Snake. It is a common memory of Chinese. If you are a Asian, I recommend you to see the film to call back your childhood memory. If you are not a Asian, it is a nice chance to know Chinese culture.

Reviewed by njitjsj 8 / 10 / 10

This movie, for people who don't know "White Snake", is still a wonderful animated movie!

The legend of the White Snake is a household name in China. The animation of this film, very Chinese characteristics, perhaps this is why some people are not used to it. However, if someone says the word "disgusting", I really do not know if such a person's aesthetic is not a problem or what other reasons. Come on, people like that. Learn more about Chinese traditional culture, look at Beijing opera, look at ink painting, and then carefully understand the legend of the White Snake. It is believed that such a person will change his mind and enjoy the film.

Reviewed by y-29012 8 / 10 / 10

a graceful Chinese animation film for now

It is a truth that Chinese animation production is at a primary stage,and in fact the story is old school,but it is a great progress compared to other Chinese animation film.another attration is the film gives us a new,different story unlike the original. Although there is still a long way for this kind of movie ,but I think it gives me both a visual and mesmerizing feature

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