White Squall


Adventure / Drama

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Ethan Embry as Tommy
Jeff Bridges as Gregory Larkin
Jeremy Sisto as Narrator
Ryan Phillippe as Martijn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmorrison-2 8 / 10 / 10

Inspirational and touching

Well-done movie, with inspirational message, and a hopeful, touching finale. Jeff Bridges is a sea captain, owner and manager of a sea-going school-ship for boys. He runs the school with somewhat of an iron fist, while also allowing the boys room to grow to be men. It is this quality that will later cause him trouble. He also has no patience for fools, or boys trying to deal with their resentment of Daddy. In one memorable scene, he banishes a dangerously troubled boy who spears a dolphin for no other reason than he is confused and angry. It is this banishment which appears to be the thing to finally reach this boy, and he will later bravely shake off his father's influence and stand up for his captain and shipmates. Most of the movie traces their travels, studies and experiences in exotic ports. Finally, they run into a severe storm, some kind of meteorological anomaly, which devastates the boat, and takes the lives of some of the boys, and Bridges's wife. The scene of Bridges seeing his wife, alive, through the skylight of the sinking ship, powerless to help or rescue her, is excruciating and memorable. Bridges is taken to a court of inquiry to determine his responsibility in the loss of lives. It is during this courtroom drama that the boys of the school stand up and become the men Bridges' guided them to be. Generally, men will get this movie, with it's subtle references to choosing and traveling your own path, making choices of honor, being responsible for your actions, being brave and standing for whats right, no matter what. A scene where they are boarded by Cuban sailors drives this home to the boys very effectively. A surprisingly effective, touching movie, with solid performances all around.

Reviewed by i_wanna_b_bad87 10 / 10 / 10

Great film

I love this film, it about a bunch of boys who either get sent on this ship to get disciplined by their parents or some just choose to escape their lives, They take it for granted tho, they don't realise how much hard work it will be. The ship and their captain take them on a journey, a journey that will probably change their lives forever, facing their fears and coming to grips with their lives, they learn a lot and pull together as a team. A truly moving story and another great film by Ridley Scott. From struggles to strengths, this is an inspiring film to watch with many good actors, Jeff bridges is really good for this role playing a tough, wise teacher for the boys. I love this as it is based on a true story, it makes it even more moving.

Reviewed by myworld918 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent movie

I am sure many people who rated this poorly would rate "Bad Boys" a phenomenal work of art. This movie, if watched with more than just an eye for special effects, tells the story of people finding themselves and becoming a family of sorts. The world in which we live has far too little depth of character. Yes the movie was condensed in a few parts but unless you intended it to be a 3 month long movie some parts had to "wind up on the cutting floor" as one poor soul commented. People just watch movies nowadays rather than "live" them, understand them, try to find out what the message was. This movie showed soul, it moves me every time I watch it.

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