Who Was Phone?


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MegaRunner 9 / 10 / 10

Not quite what I expected

Before I start, take note! This is a low budget movie and feels as such but I got to compliment the makers on their originality. To my knowledge, there hasn't been anything like this done before. This is NOT a purely funny comedy like Scary Movie or other parody movies. This one plays it straight and if you don't know any of the Internet references, you would almost think this is just horror. Almost. The jokes are all in the references. I knew some but not all so there were a few places that felt quite random probably some Internet reference I didn't know. This movie is begging for a director's commentary or similar to tell us what everything is. But its darn funny. Some nice scares here and there but overall not too scary. Slow to start but picks up steam halfway through. Solid acting, especially from the lead girl. Hot chicks scantily clad? check. Nudity? check. Scumbag Steve? check. But where the hell was the grape lady? Doesn't feel right without her does it?

Reviewed by mylohizra 10 / 10 / 10


Don't waste your time on this junk. Atrocious acting, poor camera quality, plot holes. Also the fact that the director couldn't decide whether he wanted this to be a horror or a comedy film. The acting was pure cringe. Its like they didn't even tried. You'll have to see it to believe how bad it was. The people used as actors in this movie were probably friends of the director & did it for free. Someone needs to tell them that acting is definitely not their calling & needs a career change asap before its too late. Damn, why was it even made in the 1st place?My guess is that it was used for money laundering.

Reviewed by ismagom 10 / 10 / 10

Original and inventive

An original, well-crafted story that compiles many viral memes into a fun and cohesive narrative. It will keep you entertained from the opening credits onward.

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