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Joseph D'Onofrio as Andy Roma
Lenny Venito as Dominick Grillo
Vic Dibitetto as Steve Bower
Vincent Pastore as Thomas Roma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by haldon-365 8 / 10 / 10

Tracey Birdsall Smashes Another...

I genuinely had fun with this movie, that is once I figured out what Baldinger was doing with some of these characters. Let me explain... There are a couple of characters in this movie that are borderline offensive in almost any situation and for a minute I found myself thinking 'wow theses are characters you really don't need in your movie' however if you give it a minute the movie fully explains itself and pays off a lot of ground work adding a lot of extra layers to characters that could of been mistaken for throwaway Sopranos imitations. I love Tracey in this role she is having a ball stretching her comedy chops. There is one scene I think you should look out for when Jenna and Johnathan profess there feelings to each other, not only is this a really well written and naturally performed scene but the two leads make it believable and I bought it (Keep and eye on Tracey's face in this scene, that's an actress in the moment). So yeah I really enjoyed the flick, I was taken aback at moments but that's the sign of a good comedy (your supposed to feel a little uncomfortable). Everyone in it is great in there respective roles, big shout outs to Joseph D'Onofrio and Tracey Birdsall in particular. Its a quick, its funny, its laugh out loud and an easy 90 odd minute light hearted good time. I strongly recommend so get it watched.

Reviewed by creykdal-59511 10 / 10 / 10

What a train wreck.

The high reviews of this terrible movie are obviously fake.

Reviewed by michael-82870 10 / 10 / 10

At first I was a little confused... and then... Tracey Birdsall walked in...

I love a good comedy, and of course I love anything Tracey is in... because everything she does is completely different and amazing. At the beginning (and at the middle) I got really confused as the plot went off in different directions, but then Tracey's embodiment of Jenna... just brought it all together and made me forget the missing scenes (surely there were missing scenes with her and Barcia, etc.), the complexity of the plot going in different directions... But her presence brought it all together. Man, she's beautiful to watch - not just because she's lovely, but because you believe every single thing she says and you want to see more of her in every thing she does. I loved this movie, but I'm not sure why... but maybe I am... Great comedy, great performance, excellent movie. Love the lead actress...

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