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Danny DeVito as Bill Rago
Greta Gerwig as Mattie
Kieran Culkin as Kevin Dillon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hennemark 2 / 10 / 10

Very little humor, and not worth watching. DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS.

It's inaccurate to call this a comedy expecting there to be humor. The most entertaining part was the "intermission." The story line is broken into four parts, each of which is more depressing than the prior one. I searched for but didn't find any real connection between the parts other than that each one featured an individual who owned a dachshund. Some of the segment endings were very upsetting if you like dogs. I guess the acting and photography was good, but that's about all.

Reviewed by axapvov 1 / 10 / 10

losers and morons

I guess I had forgotten who Todd Solondz was when I decided to watch this movie. I remember now how much I hated "Happiness" and it seems the psychopathic film maker hasn't really changed and continues to exploit his trademark of depressive characters and deadpan so-called humor. If people are buying why would he stop? In this, the dog is supposed to be an excuse to link different stories but practically the only time you will notice the dog is in the intermission, a lame trick to stop even trying to connect any story of any kind. After that, he feels finally free to do what he likes the most: showing disconnected, half-assed stories that don't go anywhere. If you can't get good, get bleak, he most probably believes that. Every single character in this is the saddest ****. There aren't nuances of any kind, everything is ****, no redemption, no nothing, everyone is either a loser or a moron. The worst part is that vision doesn't even feel honest, or convinced, but more like a trademark he maintains cause he can't think of anything else. This guy hates his characters and his audience almost as much as Haneke. Both are up there as my most hated directors. The difference is I respect Haneke.

Reviewed by vonnieglen33 1 / 10 / 10

If you love Wiener-dogs you should never ever watch this movie.

If you love Wiener-dogs you should never ever watch this movie. It is just awful how this poor dog was treated from the very beginning of the film. Every character was completely ignorant of how a Wiener-dog should be treated. The entire movie was maddening garbage. Anyone who can watch this movie and derive some type of enjoyment should really go see a therapist.

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