Wife to Be Sacrificed


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void 8 / 10 / 10

Beautiful and sadistic little flick

This was my first Japanese 'pinky' film, and I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely. The film is very short, but it's certainly not sweet as Masaru Konuma's Wife to be Sacrificed features a torrent of sleaze as well as many unpleasant scenes that feature everything from torture to humiliation. The dark and unpleasant atmosphere is matched brilliantly by the isolated location in which most of the film takes place, and this if offset by the stunningly beautiful cinematography used to capture all the nastiness and brutality featured throughout the film. The plot is deliciously simple and focuses on an estranged husband and wife. They split up because he couldn't control his temper, but one day he decides to come back; kidnap his former wife, take her to a remote cabin in the woods and proceed to subject her to a range of tortures and humiliations. At first she resists and attempts to escape, but soon she gets used to her submission and the two manage to build up a new relationship through their sadomasochistic exploits. The short running time is a plus for the film, as there isn't a great deal of depth to the story - so by keeping it short, director Masaru Konuma is able to adequately focus on just the important elements of the story without bogging it down with lots of needless filler. The film does become quite shocking at times, and the scenes of humiliation in particular are likely to have some of the less well versed viewers squirming. The acting is very realistic, and while the film doesn't require it's actors to delve too far into their characters, it doesn't matter because the fact that you can believe these people is all the film needs. The sex is erotic enough, and the strong focus on sadomasochism gives the film something in the way of originality in comparison to a lot of other porn flicks. The plot does feel a little bit pretentious by the end, but the way it finishes isn't necessarily bad. Overall, I'm sure that this film won't appeal to everyone, but if you're into porn (or 'pinky') films, then I'm sure that you'll find lots to enjoy here!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 9 / 10 / 10

Classic of pinku eiga genre.

Kunisada's wife,Akiko(Naomi Tani),left him three years ago due to his violent temper.Unfortunately for her Kunisada suddenly returns and kidnaps her.She is brought to a hidden cabin in a remote wooded area.The husband subjects her to a variety of sexual humiliations, slowly breaking her will until Akiko becomes totally submissive."Wife to Be Sacrificed" is perhaps one of the most famous Japanese S&M pink films.The cinematography is lovely and the acting is stunning.There is plenty of sleaze and sexual degradation on display,but later Masaru Konuma's pinku films like "Woman in a Box" series are even more extreme in their depiction of sexual violence.Overall,I enjoyed this stylish and harrowing film and you should too,if you are into Japanese erotic cinema.9 out of 10.

Reviewed by EVOL666 9 / 10 / 10

Sleazy (And Good) Nikkatsu Roman-Porn...

WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED is another in a long line of sleazy Nikkatsu roman-porn features - and this is another of the better ones. Somewhat reminiscent of the (also excellent) 1969 film BLIND BEAST - WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED explores subjects such as sexual obsession and domination in much the same, albeit much sleazier fashion... The story revolves around a woman whose husband had disappeared after being arrested for molesting a child. The husband comes back after three years and decides he's not through with his wife yet. He kidnaps her and puts her through the requisite humiliation and S&M games, including some inventive rope torture, forced pube-shaving, candlestick rape, whipping, toilet humiliation, etc...The wife tries to escape several times but is never successful, and is even raped by two passers-by during one failed escape attempt. Out on an excursion around his property, the husband finds a couple who have attempted suicide, and after raping the female, kidnaps them as well and puts them through some strong "paces" as well - including a forced enema for the young lady. Eventually the psycho's wife finds that she's begun to enjoy the twisted "games" as her will has now been broken and re-molded by her whackadoo husband... There's plenty to like about WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED - the sleaze is pretty fast and furious, and is about as rough and "explicit" as a pinky-film of the time could get away with. The performances are all believable - especially the weirdo husband and the production values are decent as well. There's a decent plot mixed in amongst the filth - and this works too. Overall - this is amongst the best Nikkatsu films that I've seen, and would rank it a must-see for pinky/roman-porn fans...9/10

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