Wild Mountain Thyme


Drama / Romance

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December 12, 2020


Christopher Walken as Caleb Fang
Emily Blunt as Rosemary
Jamie Dornan as Anthony
Jon Hamm as Richard Wayne Gary Wayne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RY2020 1 / 10 / 10

Very Poorly Made

This movie could have been nicer if it was done nicely but it looks like makers were not bothered. Poor acting by Leads, Repeatative Boring Music ( there is nothing new about music at all ), how come makers did not make accent right, th ? List is very long but I better finsih this comment by wishing actors good luck for their future projects.

Reviewed by atractiveeyes 6 / 10 / 10


This movie is just weird. In order to enjoy it just don't take it seriously because it doesn't even take itself seriously. The story is ridiculous and cheesy but enjoyable because weirdly the ridiculousness of it is what makes it fun and entertaining. Emily Blunt is awesome and Jamie Dornan is very good. The cinematography is stunning with amazing sceneries of the Irish landscapes, it made me fall in love with the country. Wild Mountain Thyme is a cute funny stupid movie, if you're in the mood for such films then don't miss it out.

Reviewed by samratsingraur 6 / 10 / 10

Mess of a movie but occasionally okaish!

Wild Mountain Thyme makes little logistical or temporal sense is not unique or even imperiling for a romantic comedy. It's not just charmless. It is genuinely confounding, a movie constantly working against itself to make its characters and their dilemma comprehensible. Blunt deftly modulates the "fiery Irish lass" thing with a stirring underpinning of sadness and regret; Dornan surprises with his loopy, awkward vulnerability . Shanley, who won a best screenplay Oscar for Moonstruck, and a Pulitzer and Tony for his 2004 play Doubt: A Parable, has penned a confusingly shallow script that brings the play's emotional thinness and anachronisms into distracting, confounding focus. However, cinematography on location in County Mayo is liable to evoke the nostalgia and parochial familiarity the film strains to create. In other words, it's certainly watchable, even pleasant - if you've an appetite for old-fashioned romantic blarney, the verdant fields of rural Ireland and heaping helpings of contrived quaintness and get past whatever nonsense the characters are saying. They might find something worth their time here. But those eager for entertainment with any kind of edge or cultural authenticity should look elsewhere.

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