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Agam Darshi as Hannah
David Nykl as Principal Bernstein
Maria Dizzia as Sharon Fischer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by veryprivateswag 5 / 10 / 10

Bah could have been better.

Interesting idea but it wasn't really well done, far too much of everyday life was simply left out like social media etc etc. It has a really meh ending to boot. I have to wonder if the people writing these stupid endings think it's fun, or unique from the myriad other movies with suck endings? Frankly it adds nothing but a negative star. I think maybe the people that made this saw "Iceman 1984" one time too many.

Reviewed by HalKubrick 8 / 10 / 10

Not for "Star Wars" fans. But if you liked "The Man from Earth" this is for you..

A very interesting movie.. I'm not much into anthropology. But if does touch some anthropological discussions in a very subtle but thought provoking way. The director laid out the premise very well but then had to squeeze the rest with a 100 minute time limitation in mind while not forgetting to add some relational issues into the mix. As for the ending, it would have probably be different if the story was set in any other country than US. Can you imagine why??

Reviewed by WVfilmfem 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent except for ending

I disagree with the other negative reviews here . There was a believable science fiction aspect to the film, without getting bogged down in too much science or special effects. The characters were sympathetic, and the story line was coherent and well-done. The settings were beautiful and evoke William's identity with place. The only reason I did not give 10 stars was the ending. After investing time and interest in the film, the viewers deserved a clearer resolution.

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