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Amy Poehler as Amy Poehler
Jason Schwartzman as Felix DeMarco
Maya Rudolph as Naomi
Tina Fey as Tina Fey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simon-pickersgill77 8 / 10 / 10

Don't go to McDonald's for Filet Mignon

This is a simple, unpretentious comedy about middle aged women getting drunk and acting inappropriately. Don't read anything more into it and you won't be disappointed. I laughed because I could identify with it, but I probably wouldn't have found it as funny otherwise. Maybe this one is for the 40/50+ viewers.

Reviewed by kristan_k2787 3 / 10 / 10

Miss the SNL ladies.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was exactly what I expected... I adore Amy Poehler and all the other ladies. Their comedy has always been spot on for me. I don't get all the bad reviews. I'm not a middle-aged women...I'm technically a millennial, but all the jokes were on point. It was a fun comedy that made me miss my friends. I hope this group makes more movies together, bc I really miss funny females.

Reviewed by phillipbrock 3 / 10 / 10

Take A Nap Instead

This movie couldn't possibly be more boring if it tried. Nothing happens, there's no actual storyline. It seems like a group of friends sitting around writing a first draft of a movie they want to make. The entire thing is a plotless, pointless, boring, unrelated batch of scenes Frankensteined together. What a waste of the time and talents of a great cast. Sorry, Amy; this goes in the "Fail" column.

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