Wit's End


Adventure / Comedy / Drama

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Brian O'Halloran as Tom Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nycscott1 1 / 10 / 10

Why is this on Amazon ?

So I just watched this , well tried to watch it and wow this must be the worst film I have ever seen and I've seen alot ! First of all it seems like a high school kids project film . Acting awful , plot and storyline non existent , production values awful and totally unwatchable . I would rather watch a stranger's home movies on 8mm from their trip to Niagara falls in 1963 ! Anyway I do believe some Indy films are good and I like them but then there is this pure trash . What a waste of time . The so called rave reviews are obviously from friends and family of the director/writer and not real , some people are so painfully and obviously not meant to be an artist . Please no more of this rubbish .

Reviewed by lunkentuss-49303 10 / 10 / 10

Don´t get fooled

Just a heads up since it´s so highly rated. Ratings are most likely from family and friends of the people making the movie. It´s just terrible from the acting to the story. Don´t let the 10/10 get you fooled

Reviewed by mknorr-73842 10 / 10 / 10

10/10 If I've ever seen One! Moving/Heartfelt Picture Start to Finish

Rarely do I Laugh, Cry, and Feel Moved by a Motion Picture; but Wit's End met those qualifications and surpassed them emensly. Wit's End is the kind of movie you want to see with loved ones, or friends. This movie will have you on the end of your seat the whole way thru. David Lee Madison is a very Underrated Filmmaker

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