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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ktrelski 10 / 10 / 10

Prepare yourself for sleepless night

When I went to see this movie I thought I know everything about the events this picture is based on. I have heard that the movie will show them without any censorship. However, I was not prepared for the real horror of those events. The movie is graphic, but it does not go overboard. It does, however touch your soul. If you ever asked yourself what the real terror looks like, this is it. What makes it tough is that the terror is brought to you by the people you know well, your next door neighbors, your spouse or even your brother. Do not expect anybody laughing or even talking after the movie is over. It is a great movie. Don't miss it.

Reviewed by denis888 9 / 10 / 10

Extremely Heavy And Gloomy, But Terrific

Well, where to begin. Films about genocide, especially such touchy subject as Polish-Ukranian relations in 1939-1943 in the region of Wolyn, are not an easy treat. The very theme of mass murder and brotherly hate is never easy, so this epic film about mass atrocities of Poles in Wolyn leaves a very heavy heart. If you are afraid of ferocious scenes, blood, dismembered bodies, mutilated kids or burned villages, then don't. Don't try to watch this film. It is awesome, it is executed with a n utmost precision and the tempo is impeccable, but it is way too difficult to see all those horrible scenes and what is even more horrid is the fact that it's never going to be easier, but only heavier and gloomier and worse for main hero and her suffering family. I will not retell the events of this film, just want to say - be warned and watch this at your discretion, as this is a very very severe and naked fear film. It demands all your patience and certain amount of guts, yes, guts, since the bloody scenes are really frightening. Need I say more? This is a masterpiece, truly so.

Reviewed by jingtuzi333 9 / 10 / 10

Horrible things shouldn't happen

I must say that I'm shocked by this movie. Massacre usually happens during invasion, for example Japan did several massacres to China including the Nanjing Massacre (which Japan still doesn't admit). But this one happened in Wolyn is even worse, because it happened between neighborhoods, they were living together, harvesting together, marrying to each other, then someday UPA came, everything changed. I saw the very worst of human nature inspired by the nationalism. All good thing slaughtered.

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