Women of Mafia 2


Action / Crime / Drama

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Angie Cepeda as Aida
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by filipmail 1 / 10 / 10

nowadays everyone can record video and call it a film...

This was a painfull experience watching those non actors, 'acting'... wooden acting, without a screenplay, terrible 'one liners' dialogues, a lot of swearing and gore, bad, bad bad, even funny sometimes, so bad:) old unattractive and ugly 50 something girls, with handsome lads, kinda more like England or Germany, not Poland, where usually in life it's opposite... The casting was also terrible, for example 'pantadeusz', the only pro actor in the team, who plays a mafia boss, and looks like sweet priest from small town:), he tries to be tough, but one look at his face and you see that sweet boy, it's good actor, but he simply cannot play bad character, it's kind of like imaging Woody Allen playing vicious mafia boss...the only good thing about it is camera work, nice pictures and good edits, the rest is low level vhs market; avoid, I warned you!

Reviewed by Padreviews 10 / 10 / 10

What were the censors thinking !?

This should never have got past the BBFC - parts of this film were far too gory and far too unwatchable. I can't remember when I saw a film that literally had me covering my eyes and ears at the same time It was such a shame as the cast was good and In my experience I've never seen a bad Polish film before but this one started off ok roughly 6/10 then by the mid section it was down to 3/10 and then the end which took forever it was 0/10 - I was very close to walking out early . Good bits - aerial shots Bad bits - violence , gore , script , length It was basically a film full of psychopaths , but if there was supposed to be humour attached to it no one was laughing . Avoid 0/10 Pad.A

Reviewed by blauregenbogen 10 / 10 / 10

This is the world of women in charge

Pretty interesting story,action ,good and funny. Very typical Mr Vega . Just I think it's little be too much vulgar

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