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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mark-Brandon-Read 1 / 10 / 10

Huge waste of time

The storyline looked interesting to me so I decided to watch this movie. Definitely the worst decision I made lately. The two main characters have zero chemistry, the drug addict acted like a baby in a diaper commercial. The movie is so bad, that when you watch it while being depressed you're definitely goping to end on suicide watch.

Reviewed by imjess 3 / 10 / 10

Interesting and well done!

I was intrigued by this movie and waited a while to watch it. Now that it's out I was so excited and it was worth the wait! I really liked the two leads and the overall theme of drug addiction, living on an island, and the creepy-thriller aspects really made it fun to watch!

Reviewed by habakukofice 3 / 10 / 10

A supernatural horror lacking in horror and supernatural elements

Intensely boring.The film falls into a pattern of following one man's daily routine, and so we get him doing the same things over and over again. Here he is, walking through the woods, talking about trees. Here he is fishing with his boss, the only other character to mention. Here he is not experiencing paranormal events or anything horrifying. It's well filmed. The cast is okay, although they don't really have anything to work with. The old man gets a couple of moments to act towards the end. There aren't a lot of effects, but those they use are fine. There just isn't anything going on. Boring cyclical activities, and very occasionally something mildly creepy happens. The horror elements are limited. There's a girl in make-up, there's a big CGI shadow of something we don't get to see, and there's a mild air of fatalism that pervades the entire movie. I'll avoid spoilers, but I'll tell you that the movie really goes nowhere. The plot doesn't develop, there's no tension, and there's no climax.

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