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Erin O'Brien as Elle Wurthmore
Quinton Aaron as Principal Banks
Tara Reid as Effing White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donlawsonmusic 7 / 10 / 10

This movie opens important dialog about bullying.

As a Composer/Producer, I had the opportunity to write part of the musical score for 'Worthless". Chris Cardillo Sr. and Ray Mamrak were excellent to work with on this movie. The message they bring is an important one: "Words matter." Most people have been bullied at some point in their lives. Negative words to yourself (yes, humans bully themselves) and others leave lasting imprints and unfortunately shape lives, often with tragic outcomes. "Worthless" opens an important conversation about bullying. Please checkout the "Tell Your Story" section at the "Worthless" website to read how the movie has left an impact on bullies and the bullied. Dialog in parts of "Worthless" are purposefully intense and difficult to hear. It's hard to walk away from this movie without self-reflection. Is the movie perfect? No, but it is well worth the watch to open the floodgates and embark upon self-reflection and healing. Note that when one's pain is released, further exploration is important. I urge viewers to find a mental health professional to guide them through the healing process. It takes work to heal, but the outcome is worth it, not worthless.

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