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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nbadude 1 / 10 / 10


The teen girl's acting is honestly one of the worst I've ever seen..

Reviewed by charamath 1 / 10 / 10

Propoganda, not a horror film.

I was a little excited at first to see a movie based in the town I spent most of my young childhood in. I loved seeing the old sites, even if the daughter was played by the most wooden teenage actress ever. But about half an hour in this movie went full anti-abortion propaganda film and became an enormous waste of time. *spoilers below* Literally the entire plot is that a couple who don't have work and already have one child start getting haunted by a kid. They find out about an unexpected pregnancy and decide to abort because they honestly can't afford the second kid. Pretty obviously, the ghost kid is the child they want to abort, because she just keeps saying 'I want to live' in the most heavy-handed message ever. The mere decision to abort (not the actual going through with it) somehow summons a baby-eating demon (portrayed by shaking dishes, mostly) that has to be driven off by a 'blind' priest. The really bad at acting blind priest (which is saying something because he's the only recognizable actor in the whole thing) then informs the family that if they abort that kid they can't afford, the demon will come back. Moral of the story- you better pop out those babies you can't afford, or you'll summon Satan. With bonus pedophilia pointless side plot. I've seen and enjoyed many a bad horror movie, but this is the first that actually made me mad enough to leave a review.

Reviewed by cyates-64641 1 / 10 / 10

YES...Total propaganda BS fest!!!

So disappointed in this film. Horrible acting, especially by the young girl playing the daughter, I almost didn't make it through just due to her alone. It only gets worse! Not even half in and the eye rolling started as soon as all the anti abortion messages started slapping me. I really wish religious and/or pro-lifers would stop trying to disguise their head shrinking with horror movies! Horror movies have a hard enough time getting the regonition they deserve when they are good, they don't need these turds being clumped in with them.

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