Wuthering Heights

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Anna Calder-Marshall as Fanny Colenso
Judy Cornwell as Liz Brown
Julian Glover as Don Card
Timothy Dalton as Boris Pochenko
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PhilauraJ 10 / 10 / 10

So Passionate - The Best of all the Wuthering Heights

I fell in love with Timothy Dalton the first time I saw this film. Later I fell in love with the film. So much about it was so genuine. Most of all the unbridled passion between Heathcliff and Cathy. As depicted by Dalton and Marshall in this film the passion is so powerful the viewer can believe without doubt that it has the power to tear lovers to shreds. In other versions of Wuthering Heights, for me, it was always questionable. One of my favorite films.

Reviewed by Bob-45 9 / 10 / 10

American International Pictures Best Movie

I remember reading the review of this version of "Wuthering Heights" in VARIETY in 1970. The reviewer said, "While suffering only in comparison to the 1939 classic ...". Well, I recently saw the 1939 version and this version is in every way superior. From the haunting, soulful score to the sensitive acting, to the realistic countryside, this "Wuthering Heights" is more passionate, more brooding, more obsessive. Anna Calder-Marshall did not possess the stunning beauty of Merle Oberon, but she hits all the right notes essaying the social-climbing Kathy. Those only familiar with Timothy Dalton's sour work as James Bond will be astonished at his sensitive, magnetic Heathcliff. The dowdy Flora Robson has been replaced by the buxom, nurturing Judy Cornwell. Cornwell's "milkmaid dresses" almost overflow, and she is so nurturing one almost expects her to "pop one out" and feed Heathcliff or Cathy at some critical moment. Nonetheless, Cornwell's expressive face and body language at times nearly steals the movie, but, by no means throws it off balance. Other fine performances include Ian Ogilvy as Edgar, Harry Andrews and father and Hillary Dwyer as Isabella. Even the photography, editing, and, most important, directing by Robert Fuest is superior to the 1939 version. It's especially amazing, given AIP's product at the time, that this masterpiece could be made. I don't like costumers particularly, but I watch this "Wuthering Heights" about once every two years. It's worth my time because it's THAT good. I give Wuthering Heights (1970) a "10".

Reviewed by Noirdame79 9 / 10 / 10

Whatever Souls Are Made Of, His And Mine Are The Same

Having seen this movie some years ago on video, I'm very excited that it is available on DVD. While Sir Laurence Olivier and Ralph Fiennes have both done respectable turns as Heathcliff, Timothy Dalton is just glorious. He embodies the character's passion, ambivalence and consuming torment and longing for Cathy splendidly. Anna Calder-Marshall, while perhaps not one would think would make an ideal Cathy, is wonderful as the Yorkshire lass. Oh, how these two sizzle! Whenever Dalton speaks, or broods, the room temperature just seemed to skyrocket! The ill-fated lovers find themselves separated and bound by circumstance and other people, leading to tragic results. Sure, the consummation of their relationship did not occur in the book, but with young hot actors like Timothy and Anna, how could the filmmakers not succumb to temptation? The locations (complete with windswept wild moors) and music score by Michel Legrand are intoxicatingly gorgeous as well. I don't know how Emily Bronte would feel about this adaptation, but I'd like to think that this production would have done her proud. Like some other viewers, I was disappointed that the second generation were not featured and that the ending seemed tacked on. Also, I seem to remember a few other scenes from the VHS (there is a still from one of them on the DVD jacket) that are not included on the disc. Those are the only things that stop me from giving this movie 10 stars. But this version captured the passion and intensity between Heathcliff and Cathy. The DVD transfer has been wonderfully restored, a big improvement over the VHS print. A few specks and scratches show from time to time, and other than that, aside from the hairstyles (which indicate the decade in which it was made), you wouldn't think the movie is 40 years old. Make sure you've got a fan going, as well as ice cold drinks, because the heat will go way up!

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