X-Men Origins: Wolverine


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tom_koopa 8 / 10 / 10

Lots of action, drama, humor and... Wolverine

X-men Origins: Wolverine is an enjoyable film. There's a bit of everything in this movie. Let me start with the characters. Most of the movie is about Wolverine and Sabretooth. Makes sense, if you look at the title. How they grew up together, what kind of life they lived and how, in the end, they became two men who couldn't go through the same door ever again. Rivals till the end of time. There isn't much room for the other characters in this movie, compared to Wolverine. I was a bit disappointed that both Gambit and Deadpool didn't get as much screen time as I had hoped. The same can be said for the other well-known x-men characters like the Blob or Emma Frost. They both have a minor role in this movie. Maybe that was done on purpose, since this IS a movie about Wolverine, but a little more screen time would have been nice of course. The villain in this movie is none other then general William Stryker. If you are a X-men fan, you know him very well. Danny Huston plays a VERY good Stryker. You are really going to hate this character, if you haven't already by reading the comics, playing the games or watching the previous movies. Action. TONS of it! A lot of cool stunts and daring moves. Motorcycles, cars, helicopters, explosions, gunfire and even a tank. This movie has spread the action nicely, since there aren't very long pauses between the action scenes. So if you are a fan of action, you will love this movie. There's also a nice amount of humor in here. Hugh Jackman plays a great Wolverine once again and it paves the way for a few obvious and less obvious jokes. Gambit and the Blob add some humor as well. This movie is not as humorous as the previous 3 x-men movies, but it wasn't meant to be. This is the story about Wolverine's past, which is very dark and dramatic. So I'm glad they didn't add too much humor. It would have killed the atmosphere of the movie. I found the acting quite good, with the exception of Gambit maybe. But that's because I cling myself too much to the cartoon version of Gambit. I don't think anyone is ever gonna top that Gambit. He was okay in this film, but it could have been much better. No complaints about the lead characters though. I already mentioned William Stryker and Wolverine, but Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth) plays his character very well. You can almost feel the anger and somewhat sadistic aura whenever he shows himself on the screen. A job well done, Liev. In conclusion, I found this movie entertaining. It could have been better at some points, but it's not horribly mutilated as I first thought it would be. One last warning for fan girls of Hugh Jackman... There's like 5 minutes in the movie where he is completely naked...

Reviewed by tommyboy-16 10 / 10 / 10

What?...this movie is underrated

I thought for the most part this was really a good film, assuming you care about background and super heroes. Not sure why it such a low score. If a person like to hear "the rest of the story" and likes super heroes and especially like the x-men, not sure why this is not your cup of tea

Reviewed by Neveah Van Grieken 10 / 10 / 10

Much better than most say.

There seems to be a lot of negative, critical comments on the boards and in the comments here on IMDb, but I beg to disagree. Though this movie wasn't perfect, and surely could have been better, I found that it was a great watch, and worth the 12.50 I paid for my ticket. Hugh Jackmans performance of Wolverine was as always, outstanding. As a huge comic-fan/reader, I feel he never fails at portraying one of my favorite characters. Leiv Schreiber as Sabretooth was much better then I'd ever expected. I had my doubts about him playing Sabretooth, and I didn't like how human he looked(as opposed to the Sabretooth appearance in X1). But his excellent portrayal of the character definitely countered the looks for me. I wouldn't change anything about Leiv's performance. As for Deadpool/Wade, I understand some peoples dislike for how he was different from the comics. But even with these changes, Deadpool was still an amazing character, well-done by Ryan Reynolds. The secret ending with him(Shhh!) makes me very excited, because if Reynolds plays Deadpool in a spin-off of the movie, I'll be very eager to watch. Finally, Gambit. Gambit has always been my favorite x-men, so I had extremely high expectations of the character. This being said, I found Kitsch did very well with Gambit, the only problems I had with the character were his accent, and his lack of screen time. Though his accent wasn't horrible, it definitely wasn't cajun. I'll admit, the storyline jumps around, and there are some minor plot holes. But a major thing to have in mind when watching this movie, is to just think of it as a MOVIE. Some changes were made from the comics, and some characters may not be what you expected. But if you go into this movie strictly looking at it as entertainment and a good summer movie, you will not be disappointed. Even myself as a major x-men fan, I was not disappointed. Overall, this movie lived up to my expectations, and in my opinion, it doesn't deserve the negative comments being made about it. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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