Xin Shao Lin si


Action / Drama

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October 27, 2020



Andy Lau as Fai-lone
Bingbing Fan as Madam Hou
Jackie Chan as Tang Huating
Wu Jing as Chingneng
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashil-john- 10 / 10 / 10

Mustn't be missed for the low 6.8 rating...!!..

I almost skipped this flick when I saw the low 6.8 rating on IMDb. And to be honest, that would've been really unfortunate! Remember the kind of movies that leave something behind in your hearts long after they've finished running? Well, this is most certainly one of those. The background score and soundtrack will linger in your head, I guarantee you that. But most importantly, just when you THINK you've figured it all out and stamped it 'just another Kung Fu flick'; all ready to be discarded and disregarded, wait for the kicker...! A simple yet significant moral, getting to know the Buddhist way, beautiful locations, and commendable direction to top it off; This movie truly had the potential to be an epic. Almost...! I thought I'd go with an 8 at first...but finally decided on a full 10; forgiving its small flaws to make way for the bigger message this movie delivers..!

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 10 / 10 / 10


If you are not familiar with Chinese cinema then "Shaolin" could be a good movie to start out with as an introduction to the wonderful world of Chinese cinema. It has lot of action, a phenomenal assembly of acting talents, a good story and nicely choreographed martial arts. I have been putting off watching "Shaolin" for a long, long time after I had purchased this movie from Amazon. A thing that turned out to be a mistake on my behalf, because this really is a good movie. And of course it would be very unlikely not to be good with Andy Lau in the leading part. I bought this movie for two reasons; the first reason was, of course, Andy Lau, and the second reason being that this is a Chinese martial arts drama. "Shaolin" also has a small role for martial arts legend Jackie Chan, and even in a supporting small role he shines, and really did add his usual charms and charisma to the movie. I enjoyed "Shaolin" quite a lot and was genuinely surprised at captivating the story was and how good director Benny Chan is at telling a story to the audience. If you enjoy Asian cinema then you most definitely should take the time to watch "Shaolin". And for a historical drama, then "Shaolin" is a movie that is more than deserving a place in the movie Collection of any fan of the genre.

Reviewed by bbe45 10 / 10 / 10

A MUST SEE!!! (Top In Quality Of Action, Story, And Camera-work)

For some reason I passed on watching this a few times. Very glad I chose it to watch tonight. I think the story and message is so amazingly well portrayed as well as the choreography and quality of movie making extremely tasteful and well done. If you've seen Ip Man, or Fist of Legend, or any movie on those levels, and have any appreciation of this genre of martial arts movies...I completely and whole heatedly suggest watching this movie. I was going to suggest to see the trailer, but I think it is best to watch without seeing the trailer. The production and direction of story telling, acting, and showmanship is top notch and I believe anybody can become a better person after seeing this movie.

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