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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by antoniokowatsch 4 / 10 / 10

An unbalanced Horror Anthology

I don't judge people based on their gender so I really didn't care if this movie was directed by women or not. But I do care about cinematography and storytelling aspects and for that reason I have to cast a somewhat harsh judgment. So, the movie consists of 4 equally long parts, each explores a different type of horror. There is no coherency between the stories, all of them are fully independent. The first story was obviously the best one. I really liked it and would have liked a full feature movie about it. There was a lot of untapped potential there. Considering how the first scene ("The Box") established some sort of norm on which I started forming expectations. It suffices to say that what followed didn't quite live up to these expectations. The second story ("Birthday Party") was in fact the exact opposite. It wasn't scary, it was just weird. Since I don't want to spoil anything I'll just leave it at that. It was by far the weakest link in this anthology. "Don't Fall" was also pretty scary but a little too one-dimensional for my personal taste. There was virtually no character development in that story. And last but not least there was "Her Only Living Son". This story was clearly an homage to Rosemary's baby. And while Rosemary's Baby is in my opinion one of the greatest Horror movies ever made this story was rather comical in nature. The reason why this story didn't quite manage to instill fear and true horror can probably be attributed to the fact that the protagonists physical transformation/metamorphosis was just too stereotypical to be considered horrifying/scary.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10

Nothing special, but decent horror shorts

Short stories can go either way and a compilation of short horror movies do have that same distinction. I didn't even know these were made by women while I watched them. There's solid stuff in there but there's also some things that feel out of place. Overall the horror does work, but it's different horror for every short. Like every day horror, supernatural or just unexplained (with different endings? This would concern the first one especially). If you like the genre and like to be scared, there is worse things out there. Technically they are all very well made. Some may not care for the stories, but that's tough to know beforehand. So try it, it's not really that long and if you don't like one of the stories, just skip to the next one

Reviewed by aprecariousperception 5 / 10 / 10

5.6 --A Mixed Bag, Great Mid-Sequencing Eerie Animation, Some Ideas Executed Better Than Others

I leave watching this with a nagging feeling that had the homogeneous gender-crafted selling point been less overstated viewers might be a touch more generous on this anthology of shorts. Reading these scathing reviews I hemmed and hawed for a long time to bother with this collection at all. On a particular quiet evening of scrolling over it's title suggestion I finally simply clicked play with halfhearted gusto. Overall I am glad I did. True--there are flaws with the acting and some of the timely sound effects (Ex: Just about every one of them sequenced in the rather somewhat-comic 'The Birthday Party'); The dialogue appeared rushed in delivery at times (Ex: Crucial final monologue in 'Her Only Living Son') and the sequencing of plot seems dubious for the sake of understanding and relating important character development for the sake of the story (Ex: The ambiguous passive role of the mother in 'The Box') --But for each shortcoming in layout and amateur casting there were..... commendable moments of gory special effects ('The Box', 'Don't Fall'), proper foreshadowing ('Don't Fall'), and absorbing secondary character portrayal (The modern hammy take on free-spirit traveling youths in 'Don't Fall' being surprisingly easy to enjoy where and the glimpse of the outraged student mother in 'Her Only Living Son' steals the spotlight for dignified and affecting delivery in just one scene...) So much more puzzling is trying to ascertain the amount of bitter responses this film has accumulated around it. For this collection is not groundbreaking but is by no means without watchable elements (Particularly the lovely segments of stop motion animation). If the viewer is told quite emphatically beforehand to pay attention to the all-female writing-directing accreditation it is not wild to assume an unfocused scrutiny is placed on how-this-circumstance-makes-this-film-any-better-successful dancing around the back of every mind while the lead actors (all predominately female) portray what is over-embellished to be a vastly different horror experience. To which at wholesale value isn't. 3/4 main story characters are mothers in some elaboration and their opposing male cohorts appear at times shallowly culture-flipped representations ('The Box') or plot devices to explain thematic conflict 'Her Only Living Son') which appear more to do with a genuine (although non-unique) invention rather than any agenda to level the gender playing field of countless bimbo-harlot-hand-wringing side-liners of horror film plot-lines seen again and again. And at that...weak bits of dialogue, jump-scares, and choppy plot-lines are nothing close to rare in the genre. XX is certainly not breaking any glass ceilings but neither is it tarnishing any sort of record for hit-and-miss interpretations of its storytelling material. Sifting through films let alone short budget attempts for one or two elements which satisfactorily work should be second nature to long-time fans of horror. If you are of a patient sort you may be able to commend some dues, or in the least kill and hour and a half to watching hateful gimmick cinema gathering intel you can thoroughly expose' during your next platform against the matriarchy in a poorly chosen drunken stupor.

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