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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simon_booth 5 / 10 / 10

Fails to realise the potential of Parkour

The YAMAKASI are a bunch of kids who practise what is variously known as Parkour and Free Running, a sort of sport/art/philosophy involving the development of skills for the traversal of urban environments in interesting ways (http://www.parkour.com/). YAMAKASI the film is a Luc Besson production that basically provides a vehicle for 7 of these kids to show their stuff, in the pretence of helping a young kid who needs a heart transplant. It actually feels rather like a kids film, with larger than life characters (a bit of a keystone cops thing going on) and a message about being a bit rebellious but in a good way, or something. The group are real life practitioners of Parkour, not professional actors - which kind of shows, though not in a particularly bad way - they're not wooden, but don't exactly express deep or complicated emotions. Given that the film is basically a vehicle for Parkour, it's somewhat disappointing that not all that much of it is shown. There's some building scaling which is impressive but not particularly cinematic, then a bunch of antics where very little "free running" is shown - there are just a couple of scenes which show the potential the film could have had, towards the end. That potential has recently been realised much more dramatically in the film BANLIEUE 13, where one of the founders of Parkour is teamed up with martial artist Cyril Raffaelli for some truly original and sometimes incredible action sequences which show how Parkour could really be the foundation of a whole new action style. It's a shame that YAMAKASI, for whatever reason, didn't seem to know what to do with it. I'm hoping that the semi-sequel LES FILS DU VENT will put the group's talents to better use.

Reviewed by Sander Pilon 2 / 10 / 10

Refreshing change from Hollywood style films

Yamakasi is a refreshing change from Hollywood style films. It's not Besson's masterpiece, the story is not THAT original, but the music, the cool "action" and the fresh style makes it a worthwhile experience. The story itself is about 7 modern samurai, "yamakasi", that try to help a dying boy by stealing money from rich people in order to buy a donor-heart. The action, although there isn't as much in it as the trailer would led you to believe, mostly consists of the yamakasi running away, climbing buildings, doing crazy jumps, and other stunts involving pedestrians. Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by rbruckner 2 / 10 / 10

Simply boring

Well, the movie is about some free running gang. So when i watched i didn't expect a great story, I just wanted to watch an entertaining action movie. At least - as i expected - the story wasn't great, sadly the action wasn't either. There are much cooler free running scenes with more spectacular stunts on the internet for free. And if you want to see some cool free running action within a real movie you should try Banlieue 13, it's nearly the same style but with more impressive and most notably more action scenes. So it's only 2/10 Stars, i didn't really enjoy it and it's got this one additional star, because there are quite worse movies :)

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