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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blatherskitenoir 2 / 10 / 10

Important story, but poorly cast and repetitive.

The story of undocumented families in America is an important one, and deserves to be told. It's an emotional and evocative subject, which the film attempts to handle humanely and on a personal level. Unfortunately, this film suffers from some bad casting and repetitive storytelling. Bad Casting: Our starring character, Rose, has about 3 acting modes/ emotions. It's like she has separate little programs for "sad" or "angry" that run through a prescribed set of facial expressions and actions that play out the same way every time she copy and pastes that emotion. If you've seen her cry once, you've seen her cry every time. I caught myself being annoyed with her, rather than sympathetic, as she indulged in teenage dramatics. Her singing voice, while lovely, is definitely not country. She favors the big, belting style of soul singers. Occasionally, she'll remember and slip in a twang, but it's pretty rare, and only when she's singing with another country singer. Her Texan accent is likewise treated like a sweater in the middle of summer: rarely put on and largely left forgotten. The bar owner comes across as creepy and weirdly absent; I kept expecting her to turn around and sell Rose or something, instead of viewing her as a kindly good samaritan. Dale, while a perfect country singer, never hits that paternal note, and more than one person in our group got the strange feeling that he and Rose would wind up green-card married. Which I know isn't what they were going for, so the actor chemistry is way off. Repetitive: There are only so many times you can see a teenager angrily stuff things into a bag before you stop caring.

Reviewed by justchillsd 8 / 10 / 10


I just screened this movie at the 2019 San Diego Asian Film Festival to a packed house! The audience, although made up of many with a Filipino background - was still quite diverse with other ethnic backgrounds. This movie depicted what many undocumented families are facing in America today. We don't quite often hear of the Filipino experience, so this was very eye opening and emotional, as our fellow neighbors/friends may be going through this personally and we may not be aware. Once this movie is widely released, I encourage you to bring your family and friends to watch! This is such a relevant story! Kudos to the director for bringing Filipino perspectives to the big screen. Filipinos are not only great singers or produce beauty queens, but they have Important stories to tell, especially in this film with a fantastic cinematic debut by Eva Noblezada and backed by the supporting actors and a great soundtrack!

Reviewed by jdesando 8 / 10 / 10

Not A Star is Born or Wild Rose but darn good enough.

Finally, a film that legitimately makes you feel good without burying you in sugar. Rose (newcomer Eva Noblezada) in soulfully good Yellow Rose is a 17-year-old Filipina from rural Texas whose motel-maid mom Priscilla (Princess Punzalen) is about the be a guest of ICE, making Rose a figurative orphan without any backup. Hidden in Rose's beautiful spirit is a hankering to sing country music although she first needs to sing for others, not just herself. After she avoids ICE herself, she meets some kind folk who will not only help her have a place to live but also give her a chance to sing. The strength of this music/drama is that nothing is easy and nothing comes soon enough. When she meets real singer Dale Watson (a white-haired accomplished singer before the camera and in the vibrant world of honky-tonk Texas night life), her epiphany slowly begins. However, in between meeting Dale, writing a song for him, and singing her first composition in front of a pleasant Dale-centered crowd, Rose has to struggle with mom's wish for her to come to Manila and her own sense of home already in Texas. The film is strong because it doesn't amplify the realities and the sentiment; it just lets Rose find her way on her own. In a way, Jessie Buckley's Rose-Lynn in Wild Rose as a Grand 'Ol aspirant mirrors Rose in Yellow, only with more flamboyant songs and melodrama. Both films draw you in to the characters because of the actors' charm and talent. Yellow Rose has less music and conflict than Wild Rose but a sweeter take on the heroine's ambition: Although Rose barely registers on the emotion meter, her underlying passion is undeniable. In Yellow Rose the music is sweet and low, especially when Dale sings (He steals the shot every time-now that's charisma). Like this gentle drama, Rose bubbles up to the top and stays with you like a simple country song.

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