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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcsinteriors 9 / 10 / 10

Fun & enjoyable, except for one thing....

If you're a fan of Showgirls for what it is, an over-the-top disaster that you can't look away from, then you'll enjoy this documentary. I found it entertaining and witty. Whether people want to admit it or not, Showgirls has become a cult-classic. You can analyze to death just l how bad it is, or you can just sit back and enjoy it in all of its awfulness. I choose to do the latter. To me, Showgirls is so bad that's it's good. This documentary does a good job of playing to that angle for fans, with the exception of one thing.... There is one "feminist" female commentator who chooses to pick the movie apart for its depiction of women. She must use the word 'misogynist' 50 times!!! It's exhausting listening to her. Isn't true feminism being able to do whatever the hell you want with your own body??? If that's showing your boobs on the big screen for 90 minutes and getting paid to do it, well so be it. She seems to only be in favor of female-empowerment when it fits her mold of what that encompasses. If you can just tune her out, this is a really enjoyable documentary for fans of Showgirls.

Reviewed by danielaudrasilva 1 / 10 / 10

Someone who missed the point of the film, decides to make a documentary about it.

Remember Claire from Six Feet Under? She goes to Art School and she befriends teenagers who are always high and will bring politics into every single thing for no reason. Now imagine those art school teenagers making a documentary about Showgirls and distorting every single thing in the movie to fit their narrative, that's You Don't Nomi. Everything you don't want in a Showgirls doc is here. Personal stories of random people I couldn't care less about and political commentary all over the place. What could have been an interesting dissection of the film and how it impacted Pop Culture, became a bad drinking game and if you take a shot everytime someone says "straight white male" you'll be drunk in no time. Ironically enough, this mess, completely misses the point about black characters, reducing Molly to a sidekick who only exists to serve Nomi, while in truth, Molly has the best and most interesting and sinister storyline in the film. Anyway, don't bother with this, get your friends together, watch the movie and discuss it among yourselves, you'll have a much better time.

Reviewed by nickreyesnyc 1 / 10 / 10

Waste of time.

This is not a documentary. It's a 90min movie review by a bunch of irrelevant "critics" spouting their irrelevant opinions no one cares about and no one asked for. They sit around pontificating the meaning behind every little thing and how the movie is full of "misogyny" and "racism". None of which is true. Most of the commentary is done by basement dweller Schmader the schmuck from back in 2004/05. Don't even get me started on that. There is also a section devoted to some strange woman, who is a nobody, running around town obsessed with Elizabeth Berkeley and apparently there are idiots who think she's funny when really she's just cringe. NO ONE involved in SHOWGIRLS has anything to do with this load of bile. Wait for the real documentary, "GODDESS".

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