You, Me and Dupree


Comedy / Romance

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Bill Hader as Self
Kate Hudson as Emma Dinsmore / Ylva / Elsa / Eldora / Anna
Owen Wilson as Luke Sanderson
Seth Rogen as Herschel Greenbaum / Ben Greenbaum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pauly Schneider 10 / 10 / 10

Best movie I've ever seen

I was expecting this film to to be humorous initially, however my expectations were greatly exceeded as this was by far the best movie of 2006 I have seen and probably the mid 2000s. First of all Owen Wilson plays a devilishly charming, almost lovable loser-esque character who is down on his luck and in bad times. Now, cut to Kate Hudson and Matt Dillion, who are a very new attractive couple of man and wife that just got married. What is the last thing they wanted to happen? Dupree (Wilson) comes to live with them and it's really funny. Dupree is the funniest part of You Me and Dupeee. Matt Dillon, the husband of the girl that Dupree is living with, isn't as funny. I didn't like him in it. Dupree gets into lots of zany situations and has so many memorable quotes. I'm not going to give anything away, that would be a total kick in the little Duprees (inside joke for people that have seen it)

Reviewed by Davis P 1 / 10 / 10

Really really bad

You me and Dupree really is a horrible film and was a big disappointment to me. I usually like Kate Hudson, and Matt Dillon has certainly been involved in good material in his professional acting career, but this garbage is just sad. This film has a potentially funny plot and had some potential to be good quality comedy, but it wasted that good potential on unfunny content, lackluster jokes, and wooden acting from the cast. Owen Wilson was annoying and just unfunny as our star, Dupree. And Kate and Matt really didn't have any true noticeable chemistry as a couple, they looked fake and unbelievable. Oh and Michael Douglas is also in here in a small supporting role, Kate's father, and I really hated him in this film, I thought he was just dumb, unnecessarily annoying and completely unfunny. The script is dull and it is void of any and all possible jokes that would work well. This "comedy" film, if you can even call it that, falls flat and disappoints big time. 1/10 for You me and Dupree.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 1 / 10 / 10

You, Me, and Everyone Walk Out of This Film.

You, Me and Dupree (2006): Dir: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo / Cast: Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Michael Douglas, Lance Armstrong: Total bore fest about intrusion as recently married Carl and Molly house a lazy and irresponsible lout who wrecks havoc on their lifestyle. The trailer contains the few laughs existing in this sitcom exercise. It took two directors to make this trash. Anthony and Joe Russo for whatever reason conceal the identity of a woman set up on a date turned disaster and it is never capitalized upon. Why didn't they show her face? Perhaps she read the script and wanted spared the embarrassment. Owen Wilson mugs every scene he is in as he unintentionally destroys the home of this couple. Matt Dillon plays Carl as if his testicles were in a vice grip. Kate Hudson as Molly goes from frustrated to downright sympathetic to the actions of Dupree. Michael Douglas is wasted as her father who dislikes Carl. You would think that he would dislike the script too, but whatever. Lance Armstrong plays himself and he picked the stupidest project to get his face recognized in. Theme regards the gradual change between the Dupree lifestyle and a devoted marriage. Unfortunately the screenplay didn't have as much thought go into it as the idea behind it. At one point Dupree watches Roman Holiday. That is much better than what he was actually in. Score: 1 / 10

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