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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dlahey 10 / 10 / 10

The movie that launched Cantinflas.

I still think of this, one of his first movies, as his best. Here Cantinflas' explodes with comic genius. He fully develops the under-educated but always noble, kind-hearted delinquent he is that speaks his mind, only to the confusion of even the most highly educated. The courtroom ending scene also establishes the formula for a bunch of "mistaken identity" plot movies that follow. The "Bobby" scene at the beginning makes you howl with laughter. The portrayal of the absurdities and paranoia of the upper class let every working-class bloke bellow out loud as well.

Reviewed by badbit 10 / 10 / 10

THIS is mexican comedy!

Here in Mexico, Cantinflas is praised as one of the best mexican comediants of all time. And with good reason! This is one of his first films and, in my humble opinion, his best. Maybe it turned out to be so good because in the time this movie was released he wasn't a big star yet. I recommend this movie to everyone who speaks spanish. People from other countries may not get it because this is SO mexican, that even non-mexican spanish-speakers may have a hard time getting all the jokes.

Reviewed by Rodion15 10 / 10 / 10

The best of genuine flavour comic movies

I mean...when I first saw this movie, I didn't wanna see it, there was nothing else on t.v., constantly zapped out of this prehistoric black&white film, tennis on 2nd channel, rubbish on Tele-5, so I finally landed on this "Ahí está el Detalle" again, it was just beginning...I had a laugh, then one more, laughs got into outbursts of uncontrollable laughter, decided to turn on de VCR and recorded it almost wholly, I had to see it three times to get it all in (Mr. Mario Moreno talks so fast you have to listen twice) .It's the only one I liked by Cantinflas but the best comic movie I've ever seen in my life.

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