Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions


Adventure / Animation / Drama / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicohoermann 10 / 10 / 10

The Drinking Game: Plana and Dimensions

It's simple every time someone says "Plana" or *"Dimension"* in any Context you drink. Extreme Version We didn't try this yet, but if you want more you can also add "World" and "Master Shin". Have Fun

Reviewed by deathwing702 8 / 10 / 10

Terrible. Who makes a Yugioh movie without the voice actor?

I give this movie a 1 because well, the writing is terrible compared to the original series. Secondly, the movie teases you all 2 hours long that Atem (Yami Yugi) will return, but you never hear him speak. There's only still shots that show him but he never speaks and it's a cheap way to cash in on die-hard fans. Secondly, all the characters are one dimensional and serve no purpose. Kibas action in the movie at the end makes no sense at all. I hope my review doesn't spoil anything but if you are going to watch a Yugioh movie, it's only fair that you know you won't get to hear the main voice actor that made the series the success that it was.

Reviewed by skylerisaac 8 / 10 / 10


A triumphant, big-screen return for Yugi and friends. This film is fun and exciting for those of us who grew up with the original anime, but new viewers won't be disappointed, either. The duels themselves are very fun and exciting, and the wonderfully composed music strengthens them even further. My only complaint is that the film felt a bit too long. For example, there were a couple of scenes that really didn't add anything to the film which could've easily been cut out. Wonderful animation, a surprisingly good story and the usual rhetoric about the power of friendship make this one a winner. Even if you think you've outgrown this franchise, I still suggest seeing this one. I left the theater feeling energized and joyful. Recommended. 8/10

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