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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 7 / 10 / 10

The indefectible love of a father for his son

A biopic as hard as beautiful of Carlos Acosta, a child raised by an old-school but loving father and then a well-known black dancer who first did not want to dance. Many tender, heart-wrenching scenes, a beautiful photography including the alleys of Cuba, good actors: 6/7 of 10.

Reviewed by MariposaLibre 6 / 10 / 10

Fascinating insight into a world class dancer's life

You don't have to love ballet or dance to appreciate this fine film. It weaves dance , stunningly performed by Acosta and his co-dancers in short, riveting bursts, in with the story of his childhood growing up in Cuba and into his adjustment to being in other countries as a young adult, leading eventually to world recognition. Acosta was pushed into dancing by his father, who was extremely tough on him and determined he should stick with a strict practice regime, but now he is grateful for that, as it led to his great passion for dance and the opportunities he later had to perform with the Cuban National Ballet as Principal Dancer and for a long period with Royal Ballet London as Principal Guest Dancer. He now has his own contemporary dance company, Acosta Danza which tours and performs internationally. Iciar Bollain has taken risks with this unique biopic, with its blend of narrative and dance, but for me and most of the critics whose reviews I've read, it works. It just means you need to shift with the film as it moves between the different stages of his life and the actors or dancers who are portraying him at that point. This bold directing combined with Paul Laverty's honest and heartfelt writing (he also wrote I Daniel Blake) makes for great teamwork and results in a truly compelling watch. Just a great shame that UK distribution confined the film to a couple of special screenings (followed by excellent Q&As with Acosta, Laverty and Bollain) and a ridiculously restricted screening run at selected cinemas. Why? This film deserved much wider screening (compare it with Germany, where it was in some 95 locations!). What is happening with foreign title distribution in this country? Don't get me started....Anyway, I feel that Yuli is a film well worth seeking out - and it's not too late to lobby your local cinema!

Reviewed by C_Brand 6 / 10 / 10

Demons and dance

Written by Paul Laverty this is the story of Acosta's life: a loving yet brutally determined father, a schizophrenic sister, a poor childhood in Cuba, racism, career vs. family and becoming the principal dancer at the English National Ballet in London. Acosta recreates his own life, directing other dancers to play characters from that life with Acosta occasionally playing his own father. Like a child recreating its own past in order to feel comfortable within the known - or to change it - Acosta does it with dance. This is a beautiful piece of work and takes us into the graceful world and mind of a man working through his demons with dance.

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