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Chandra West as Tiffany
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Sara Canning as Hope
Sean Rogerson as Kevin Parsons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awfulketchup 6 / 10 / 10

Creepy for the most part, but nothing else

Now this review might sound a bit biased for some, I'm genuinely more scared of atmospheric slow-burn horror movies that tend to creep me out and cause goosebumps every now and then, psychological horror works more for me rather than bombastic and annoying jumpscares without substance, now with that said, therein lies the problem. Z at first glance ticks the right boxes, it reminded me of Babadook, it started to resemble Hereditary which i was ready to embrace it as, but while those comparisons kept upping the ante as they escalated in both tone and their scare factor, Z on the other hand, does nothing despite having a easy to follow plot with one eerie twist that i wish they did more with, since this isn't a spoiler review i wont bother to give any details on that, but it became a make or break situation. To summarize Z, it had a promising set up, there were genuinely scary moments that made my hair raise, but the last portions alongside no clear direction completely killed the momentum for me. Final verdict: 6 Had it not been for the promising start and creep factor in some moments, i would've knocked the score by 2 and left it at 4.

Reviewed by ops-52535 3 / 10 / 10

z for yourself

Because ive z'n it and took a a-z toll on me. its not an original nor spectacularly brilliantly made because its a low budget flick, and it follows the main stream horrorgenre of to day. but it all becomes very real due to good sound and visual effects, so if you were or are still afraid of ''bolla''or the ''boogieman'', you might have someone else by your side or let them z it first. but z is pretty scary ja, just let you know that, and the acting are fairly well done and the shock the monkey moments are abrupt and pretty heartstopping at its best. so if you can swallow some dead z-water inbetween the waves of horror youll get a nice time. its all a question of sanity, and whether you like it or not its like the apple falling down, its mother like son and a whole lot of questions that come to ones mind after watching movies like these. im usually a grumpy old man when reviewing the horror genre, but this was an exception from my book of rulez. its well made ,thin plotted, but highly recommendable.

Reviewed by rimj-45182 3 / 10 / 10

Acting decent, just very dull

It's the sort of horror that probably needed jump scares, and there are none. The actors are fine, the script isn't bad, but the moments that could be scary are so badly directed it ruins it. You see every set up coming so there is nothing surprising. It's like a horror for 5 year olds, shielding the audience. They obviously got people that could act, but gave them little to do....and it had enough of a budget to do what it wanted, it just didn't. If it was a drama it would be ok

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