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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lemon_magic 1 / 10 / 10

"At Just The Right Moment....ATTACK!!!!"

This is one ugly mama-jamma of a movie, incredibly cheap looking and badly made. It also appears to have been edited with a garden weasel. Countless mistakes were made about what film devices would tell the story and establish a mood, as opposed to those that would drop the ball and irritate the viewer. For my own amusement, (and hopefully, the reader's as well), I'd like to expound on a few of the most obvious. 1) The monster costume. It looks as if it cost about a buck ninety-eight, and is possibly the most irritating monster costume to behold for extended periods of time since the pickle-stuffing sea monsters from "Horror At Party Beach". Since the monster is pretty much front-and-center for most of the movie, there is no getting away from this piece of crap. Every time I see it, I want to egg the director's house and pour sugar in the gas tank of his car. 2) The opening song: A lugubrious folk-guitar thing, it contains the lyrical line, "Sashay through the sarcasm". This is perhaps the stupidest line in an opening theme song in the last 30 years. 3) The stock footage: The director (or someone) apparently thought that if he spliced in stock footage of various lake and swamp creatures, he would establish a foreboding/foreshadowing of the world that Dr. Z hoped to create with his master plan. Or maybe he thought he was expressing the idea that Dr. Z was the embodiment of the rage and anger of the aquatic world, focused on mankind. Doesn't work, though. Typical example: the monster starts to kill a rival scientist, and the movie jumps to a 2 second shot of a bored looking catfish, then back to the monster killing the scientist, then to a 1 second shot of a shrimp. This isn't so much horrifying as it is incoherent. 4) Odd choices on how to spend camera time: In a "real" movie, the actual mechanism used to put the subjects in the "transformation tank" wouldn't be anything to waste movie time with. The subjects would step in at gunpoint, or would be pushed in, or would dangle from their wrists from an overhead winch, or would locked into a tub and have the solution poured in on them...something like that. You wouldn't think about it, or even notice it. But here, the director spends what seems like 20% of the movie focusing on the block and tackle setup used to lower the subjects into the tank. Instead of experiencing the horror of the victims, we have to consider the endless ramification of pulley systems and sailor knots. After the fourth shot of the pulley system, I couldn't think of anything else. I am pretty sure that isn't what Barton had in mind. 4) The sound design: This is actually pretty effective for the first part of the movie - lots of echos and swamp creature calls, etc. But then as the movie hits its climax when the INPIT agent starts across the swamp in his little buggy...and the soundtrack cuts in with a 30 second 'chase' music loop straight out of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons like "Jonny Quest" and "The Herculoids" . What the...?? 5) Speaking of the 'hero': he doesn't appear until 45 minutes into the movie. He then spends most of the next 25 minutes standing on the running boards of his Jeep as his team travels around as if he were Doc Savage or something. He then jumps into a six-wheeled Dune buggy thing (which looks like a toy that you would give your six year old) and drives hell bent into the swamp...only to stall out and bog down in the swamp in the very next scene. This makes him look like a complete idiot. Our rugged, dynamic hero and expert in biology and natural ecosystems then spends the next few scenes getting beaten to pieces while walking though the swamp; he then gets to the monster/scientist hideaway too late to save anyone else. Excuse me...was this supposed to be exciting? What was the point of this guy being here? And by the way, when the film cuts back to the hero SLOWLY S-L-O-G-G-I-N-G through the swamp, the Hanna-Barbera chase music starts back up again. What the...? 6) Needless to say, no one in this movie can act, although the guy who plays the biologist has a certain amount of camera appeal. 7) The lighting, color values and camera-work: many of the shots used here, especially in the underwater sequences, are enough to make you lose your appetite. Everything is slimy, grainy, dingy, dull, and dirty. This may have been intentional, but it only adds to the viewer's distress at having to sit though this movie. Anyway, enough. "ZAAT", or "Blood Waters..." or whatever it is, wouldn't even cut it as the bottom entry at a Saturday night drive-in triple feature. Avoid like the plague, unless you are a serious devotee of grade Z horror films. Even MST3K couldn't save this one, except for the bumper segment where Crow harangues Mike from the ceiling with a parody of the mad scientist's opening voice-over: "Saddle compound of deceit!" Oh yes, and the line, "I need another bowl of Zoloft!"

Reviewed by Gislef 2 / 10 / 10

Why not a 1?

Yes, I gave it a 2, dammit. The underwater photography is tolerable and there are a couple of suspenseful attacking moments. Basically, however, this movie rambles on pointlessly, much like the "walking catfish" mutant and the government agent who tracks him in the last third of the movie. The first 20 minutes of the movie is in (hilarious) voiceover, and you begin to wonder if they lost the soundtrack ala Creeping Terror and Beast of Yuca Flats. Then the characters actually start speaking on-screen and you wish they had lost the soundtrack. The dialogue seems to bear no resemblance to the onscreen goings-on. I suppose it establishes some plot points and clarifies things for the audience, but there are so many ramblings and offshoots that you just kinda of give up and give in. The "monster" looks like an early draft of a Silurian costume from Doctor Who, with a fur neckpiece (??). The skinny, balding bad guy is on-screen for only a few minutes before undergoing his transformation, but imprints himself indelibly in our minds thanks to his stripping down, his hamhanded maneuvering himself into the transformation tank, and his omniscient voiceover narration. And the fish! What is it with the fish? The opening narration dwells on them (giving us a good impression of Jacques Costeau as a Nazi gone bad), and at least one murder scene decides to insert random shots of fish in-between cuts. There seems to be some kind of implied ecological nature-takes-vengeance message here somewhere, but like everything else, it is lost entirely in the rambling dialogue. Basically, the movie is pretty much a waste of celluloid. A few good moments, as I've seen far worse underwater cinematography. Watch it if you dare.

Reviewed by nhlgumby 2 / 10 / 10

How many titles will I hear this movie as?

I first read about this movie as being called ZaAt. Then I actually watch it under the name "Attack of the Swamp Monsters." THEN I hear about it once again as The Blood Island of Dr. Z as showed on MST 3k. I have not seen the MST 3k version of this movie, but one has to admit, they would have a LOT to work with. The lighting of this movie was terrible, the kill scenes were very short, the mask! Well, the mask is very self explanatory. One thing that boggled my mind was after the monster tipped the boat, there were two people floating in the water, while one scrambled to shore. One person in the water was still moving their hands even though it's my best guess that the catfish monster killed them. And then when the monster went up on the land to kill the other person, HE DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH THE PERSON!!! It looked like he just swept a bug off of her chest and she just went limp!!! What?!? I'm no corroner, but I know that somebody doesn't die from being brushed, even if it is by a catfish type monster. My biggest complaint as in every 70's movie, was the lighting. I have never seen worse lighting in my life. You could use the indiglo of a watch and see what was happening better than the lighting from this movie. But what was so bad about it was that there was bad lighting during scenes that looked like they were important, like the fight scene between the people of INPET (shoulda been named "INEPT") and the monster. That looked like it could have been a big scene, if only we could have seen what was going on. And how about those fresh water underwater scenes, you know, with the coral and tropical fish and currents and all. That must have seen some fresh water pond to house coral. Last time I checked, coral doesn't grow in fresh water, never mind that it grew in a pond. Well, I'll let you watch to enjoy the rest of the movie, although I do suggest you go out and rent the non-MST 3k version, just because sometimes it's fun to enjoy a movie without someone telling you what's funny about it.

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