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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suzzanakhan_26 10 / 10 / 10

Get a healthy dose of Zeher Emraan Hashmi style!

Oh this one is a must-watch!!! Emraan Hashmi is absolutely brilliant in this movie. Even though this flick is a copy of Hollywood's "Out of Time", it surpasses its predecessor and is the perfect thriller to watch, especially late at night.The other co-stars Shamita Shetty(Sonia)and newcomer Udita Goswami(Anna) have also given a superb performance. An estrangement between Siddharth Mehra (Emraan) and his wife Sonia leads him straight into the arms of seductress Anna.But this passion is short-lived as Siddharth is drawn into a web of treachery that leaves him struggling not only to prove his innocence but also to keep his affair secret from his wife. The chemistry between Anna and Siddharth sizzles, but the love Siddharth has for Sonia is equally evident.Above all, its such a pleasure to be led on an emotional roller coaster by Siddharth. Watch closely the emotional by-play on Siddharth's face. He has really portrayed all the emotions well, lust, desire, contempt, anger, deception,apprehension, etc.He has a really expressive face, and his voice adapts very well to the mood he's supposed to play. Injecting humor into the tense drama is Siddharth's friend James. Mr.Bhatt is well-known for steamy scenes in his movies, but then, he's not a father figure to the youth..he's just what he is...a film producer, who is out there only to entertain us...He's not there to reform or lead astray the youth.So, please stop pointing fingers at him.He's provided us with a great thriller in Zeher, and if one hasn't watched its Hollywood copy, Zeher is really unpredictable, with twists and turns, and a great climax.The scenic backdrop of Goa is perfect for this movie. The sound track is amazing....Woh Lamhe is a great song to listen to in both, the slow and the fast version. All of Emraan's movies are good, but in Zeher he plays a very mature character, unlike his other boyish roles(eg Aashiq Banaya Apne), and he pulls it off perfectly with a capital P. I have watched this movie about 24 times to date, and each time i've enjoyed it as if it were the first time...The song "Woh Lamhe" holds a special meaning for me, because i've recently lost the love of my life due to a huge misunderstanding, which so far i've been unable to remove. I can go on writing about this movie...Its my favorite Bollywood movie ever, and Emraan is a heart-throb, but i'll end my review here with a recommendation to watch this movie. Its worth your time. P.S Emraan...we want more of you, we love you,from Pakistan.

Reviewed by AishFan 10 / 10 / 10

Another bold thriller from the Bhatt camp

Bhatt favorite Emran Hashmi attempts to prove his worth once again and again fails to do so. Udita Goswani also is a damp squib as she lacks expressions and just provides steam to the movie. Shamita Shetty, however, easily steals the show. With Mohabbatein being history, she desperately needed to be relaunched. After losing a lot of weight and having a much more glamorous look, Shamita also bags a powerful role in which she proves that she is here to stay. She does an excellent job, especially in her confrontation scenes with Emran, displaying anger, frustration, suspicion, and sorrow very well. The story is quite interesting. The first half is awesome, but it starts to slow down a bit in the second half. However, in the end it is still a good movie. Songs are good, but Woh Lamhe is undoubtedly the best track of this album and one of the best of 2005.

Reviewed by karanprksh 10 / 10 / 10

the best ever remake of denzel's out of time

It was the best remake of out of time movie.I saw the movie and like it so much that I want to see it again.This movie is more than a thriller.I recommend it to be seen but pg is to be till 13 years of age The actor is a police whose wife leaves him (she enacts as police superintendent)so the husband takes a job in an insurance policy and finds himself addicted to a beautiful girl wanting the insurance.he secretly visits her, but one night her husband gets to know everything.Next night he plots a trap & burns his house and the actor arrives just at the seen.now the evidence is all against him.e joins the police force and his wife but needs to prove himself innocent before he is caught and at the same time he needs to find out who is making him guilty.

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