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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andynewman72 9 / 10 / 10

A True Masterpiece

From my experience movies on the lives of spiritual masters, saints etc. tend to be dry with poor actors, dull photography and boring scores. This is clearly an exception to the rule. Yes you do need to be a little interested in the topic and it certainly helps to have a little Zen background to really appreciate it in it's entirety. That said I'm pretty sure that any true movie lover will thoroughly appreciate the breathtaking scenery, exquisite photography and acting. The main actor who plays Master Dogen is truly amazing. I don't think it's simple task to portray the life of a spiritual master with such power and realism (starting from early monk-hood all the way to enlightenment). The story itself is quite fascinating and could even serve as an introduction to Zen and the concept of enlightenment. Nine out of Zen stars :)

Reviewed by ben101120032003 6 / 10 / 10

I loved this movie--- so good

I just finished watching this movie at the UW screening before it is released nationwide. I have to say that I am deeply moved by it despite the fact that some of the Chinese characters are played by Japanese.There are several scenes that are so captivating, leaving my heart filled with excitement, joy and at the same time sorrow. The last few scenes really made this movie stand out. I especially enjoyed the little girl's explanation of what she is doing and how this is reflected in the Buddha in her heart. I believe that the Buddha in everyone's mind might be different from one another. The pursuit of the truth, tranquility and beauty might take different pathways. But what this movie reveals is the eternal power of what a man can achieve and what a man should give up. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in some of the concepts conveyed so beautifully and profoundly.

Reviewed by ebiros2 6 / 10 / 10

Fail of an attempt to describe the life of the great monk Dogen

The story is about the life and times of the great (perhaps the greatest) zen monk in Japanese history: Dogen. Dogen's origin is not well known, but what he's become in his later life is part of the Japanese history and culture. The movie is an attempt to portray his life. I'm not sure how much of this story is based on fact. Dogen is the founder of Japanese Soto zen sect which he brought back from China. None of these background information are elaborated in this movie which I think makes this movie miss its point. It's based on a biographical novel of Dogen by Tetsuo Ootani who himself is a Soto zen monk. I don't know anything about the novel, but since it's supposed to be the life story of Dogen, I believe this movie should reflect that also. However, perhaps the producers have bit off more than they can chew because I find this movie very incomplete whether looking from Buddhistic point of view, or biographic point of view. How did Dogen arrive at his view of zen Buddhism should at least be highlighted, but none of that is shown in this movie. I believe that the producers didn't know anything about the subject that they were putting on the big screen. It shows on the choppy way the story advances. The producers, and also the actors were not the caliber that could describe a story of this magnitude. Good attempt but fail of a production from the aforementioned reasons.

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