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Reviewed by Matt 6 / 10 / 10

Horribly Fun!

So basically the story is as follows. The military (for some reason) is developing a toxin that revives the dead, and while it's being transported, it is stolen by some terrorists. The terrorists are all gunned down, but one escapes with the toxin, unfortunately he ends up cutting himself on the vile somehow and becomes infected. He then flees and finds refuge in a crappy motel. There, he kills and spreads the disease to a poor maid (Ill explain her death a little later). The terrorists corpse is then cremated which in turn, spreads the virus throughout the land. OK, well...lets start with some of the things that stood out to me. 1.That god damn smoke. What is with this, in every scene there seems to be endless amounts of smoke being pumped out everywhere. 2.Karate soldiers. When these soldiers are battling off hordes of undead corpses and they don't have fire power on them, they resort to their mastered ninja skills. Look out for an assortment of karate chops, kicks, and throws. 3.Mirror Death. What...the...hell. The terrorist who turns into a zombie kills a poor maid by yes, smearing the maids face into a mirror, causing massive hemorrhaging and ultimately killing her. 4.The special effects. The gore overall is pretty good, tons of blood and guts and visceral feasting. After being bitten, you don't immediately turn into a zombie, the bite turns into some disgusting looking mutated fungus that pulsates and oozes blood and green gunk. But...at the very start, when the terrorists are fleeing and the military is shooting at them, there are no effects once so ever. The helicopter shoots a couple of guys and when they get shot, they jump up into the air and fall down. No entry wound, no blood, just a guy going "Argh!" jumping up and falling down. 5.The zombies. There are so many things to mention about the zombies. Theirs zombie people, zombie birds, even zombie fish (their must've been zombie fish because a zombie pushes a girl out of a window and she falls into this lake, one of the soldiers dives in to save her, and when he pulls her up, her legs have been eaten and she's instantly a zombie), most of the zombies don't just mindlessly roam, most of them are hiding, yes hiding. They wait till you walk past then jump out from behind a bush or from behind a wall. Speaking of jumping, there are at least 10 zombies that literally fall from the top of the screen then start attacking. Inside or outside, they just fall and attack. There's even one zombie thats on the top of some 20 foot poll that jumps down, and I have no clue how he could of got up there. You've got your typical stumbling, moaning zombies, and you've got your acrobatic, brawling zombies, that not only want to tear you apart limb by limb, but want to beat you up before. I can recall the part on the bridge where one zombie gives a soldier a dirty haymaker then proceeds to put him in a headlock. My favourite was the deranged zombie at the gas station wielding a machete. He was vicious, jumping all over, smashing into tons of stuff, he really looked like he wanted to hunt that chick down and tear her apart. 6.The theme music. There seems to only be one song that plays whenever something is happening. I liked the theme music, but after every time a zombie attacks or every time a soldier starts running, it gets kinda of annoying. 7.Flying zombie head. That was ridiculous. They were looking around in the hotel and found a refrigerator. They opened it up and a zombie head flew out and chomped on the guys neck. The guy fell and the zombie head flew into the air and then flew down to the guys neck again.You have to see it to know how unnecessary it was. 8. The guys in the white jumpsuits. These guys were badass. All they did was gun everybody down. Zombies, survivors, they didn't care, they were on orders to shoot everyone, and thats what they did. Hell, they even killed one of he main characters. 9. The hilarious dialogue. Oh man. It's spread throughout the entire movie, but pay attention closely when the scientist guy is telling the general guy that they are going to try to find an antidote. That guys acting is priceless. Overall, it was a ridiculously bad, good time. It's a fast paced movie so it doesn't get boring, and its loaded with tons of things that make it so...unique. 6/10 -Matt

Reviewed by DocEmmettBrown 4 / 10 / 10

My Favourite Zombie film this side of Pittsburgh

Off the blocks let me just say that I am a huge zombie fan so I don't make statements like the above lightly. Secondly let me say that this is an Italian zombie film and Fulci only directed 15 minutes of it before handing over to Bruno (Rats, Night Of Terror) Mattei. This is no Dawn of the Dead folks. That said this is easily one of the most entertaining zombie films I have ever seen. The script is wonderfully horrible. Just check out the two scientists trying to find an antidote ("Let's try putting these two molecules together"). The zombies come in all varieties. From moaning shufflers, to machete wielding maniacs, to birds! The gore is plentiful. Legs are bitten off, arms amputated, stomachs burst open. The pace is fast, flying from one zombie attack to the next. Then there's the head in the fridge. Oh the head in the fridge! One of the greatest moments in horror since Ash got his hand possessed in Evil Dead 2. You should know already whether you're the sort of person who's going to like this sort of film. Get some mates and some beer and you'll be in for a fun night. Did I mention the head in the fridge?!?!?

Reviewed by alexebbasi 4 / 10 / 10

Zombie trash with a serious identity crisis.

I've now seen this film twice, and I must say I enjoyed it both times. It's fast paced and fun, but ultimately daft. Having said that it deserves to be trashed because of screwing up what could have been a good follow up to the seminal original. It is clear for those who have seen the awful 'Zombie Creeping Flesh' that the films massive shortcomings can be owed to Bruno Mattei, and that the little that is commendable about it can be owed to Fulci. This is not idle Fulci sycophancy, the directors styles are starkly contrasted throughout, and you can tell who directed what, particularly in Mattei's case. The film is centered around the outbreak of a virus (oddly referred to as 'top secret' by a scientist, it's secrecy apparently being more noteworthy than its potentially apocalyptic effect on mankind) somewhere in south east Asia. The virus causes zombie like behaviour in those affected, and the virus quickly spreads across a seemingly arbitrary area of land. Our protagonists unwittingly wander into the danger zone, and have to fight for their lives against hordes of infected Asians. The film seems to be stuck half way between being a zombie gore flick, and an out and out action adventure, and this confusion is captured most clearly by the zombies themselves. They do not appear to have a set of characteristics common to all. Some are of the regular soulless shuffling variety, so well rendered in the original, and probably Fulci's creation here. The other main group consist of those who in being infected with the virus lost all sense of themselves, but incurred a savage aggression and a desire to earn a black belt in ninjitsu: Indecisively leaping around unsure of whether to continue honing their upper roundhouse technique or engage with their brethren in what looks like a mass tickle fest on their hapless victims. Martial arts skills aren't their only talents either, they are well versed in guerilla tactics, hiding on rafters and under bales of hay, and sometimes inexplicably falling from nowhere but the heavens themselves. This is all definitely the work of Mattei. There is a third, more chatty, variety of zombie. This type apparently retain a sense of irony as well 'I'm really thirsty...FOR YOUR BLOOD'. The ridiculous twist at the end in which the DJ turns zombie but continues to preach ad libbed gibberish about the fate of mankind, only serves to enhance the WTF factor and obliterate any hope of a serious resolution. Then there's the infamous zombie head which slowly propels itself through the air, a jokerish skeletal grin wrought across its face, as if to say 'yeah we know how bad this looks'. The characters are all utterly one dimensional as you would expect. But its the pseudo comical dialogue and dubbing that really prevents us from taking their plight seriously. Having said that the first soldier to die does put up an impressively valiant display against an unstoppable zombie menace. Indeed this is the first and perhaps only time we hit real zombie agro, and one of the only effective scenes in the film. The guy who played the chief scientist has heart, but no talent, utilising pauses in his lines entirely at random, so he ends up sounding like a confused asthmatic. The scientists' on screen attempts at finding an antidote are totally unconvincing 'now lets put these two molecules together!' There are a few moments that stick out as genuinely effective however. In an early scene a female protagonist explores an abandoned garage. Upon entering a room we are confronted with a hazy view of a shifting figure in the corner and a squirming mass on the floor, all shot in an atmospheric diffused light. The silence is interrupted by the appearance of a speedy machete wielding zombie who trashes everything in his wake in his alarming desperation to have her. His sheer aggressiveness is one of the few moments of real horror in the film. The before and after theme conveyed through the hotel that plays host to the happenings of the earliest stage of the outbreak, and later as a refuge to our protagonists is imbued with an thick humid ambiance. There is a scene in which one of the soldiers cautiously approaches a boarded up room that clearly houses hordes of the undead, and this is quite tense. Things become more dramatic when they board themselves in the hotel unknowing to what lurks upstairs. But this is sloppily handled and not nearly as effective as it could have been. All in all I would say this film may just about deserve to be called a royal screw up of a potentially effective tropical zombie fest, rather than simply a through and through bad film. If nothing else it has plenty of the unintentional laughs that I've come to expect from just about anything Italian and gory from the eighties.

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